Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Pinup hair ~ styles and tips

Hello all!

So before I did my pinup shopping on a budget post, I wanted to finish up my Beginner wardrobe post by talking about pinup hair styles and in a later post pinup make up styles that are commonly found/associated with the style as I feel these two go together really well and they really do help make a complete look/outfit

So...I'm going to start with hair!

Pinup Hair

Pinup/vintage hair can feel very daunting when you're a beginner! Believe me, I've been there! That's part of why I'm saving for a better computer and a webcam for tutorials! I know there are a lot out there but every pinup brings their own knack and style for pinup hair and while one mightn't work for you, another might! 

When starting out, there are a few basic styles that were my go to's when I first started so I thought I'd share them here. Remember to practice, have fun and don't be afraid to try new methods!


Curls are the easiest way to get an instant pinup look as they were the preferred hairstyle of most woman in the 40-60's in various styles. If I'm wearing my hair out, its usually in curls!

There are two different types of 'curls' that you'll primarily see in pinup looks, that's a heat set done with curling tongs or hot curlers/rollers and a wet set which is a set done with pincurls or foam rollers that you sleep in when hair is damp.

Trial and error is the best way to find what setting style works best on your hair! I've briefly described the two different styles below

Heat set

Me with a heat set achieved with bendy curlers

Ashlee Marie with a headset done with curling tongs

Heat curl set

A heat set is just how it sounds! Its a curl set achieved with hot rollers or a curling iron! The biggest advice I can give to gals doing a heatset: 
  • Pin your curls to cool! This helps it keep the shape and lets it last longer! You can use bobbypins though I recommend pin curl clips (can be found bulk on ebay!) See blow for an example

  • Use a heat spray to protect your hair from the heat! You can get these from most stores that stock hair supplies. This will help stop your hair getting super damaged from the heat. You simply spray it on before use! Experiment with different products to as everyone's hair is different!
  • Experiment with different types of heat setting to find one that works best for you! Again, everyone's hair is different! I also finger only a light brush out is needed for a heat set
Wet set
Marilyn with a wetset
A wetset I did ~ Photography by Lauren Horwood
Ashlee Marie with a Wet set
Wetset I did ~ Photography by Billy June Photography

A wet set is the more traditional way of achieving curls. For me personally, a wet set is my go to because it holds curl better for me. The concept behind a wetset is to sleep in it overnight on damp hair and take it out and style it in the morning.

You can pin curl or foam roller. I do both, depending on how much effort I feel like putting in. Its important that hair isn't too damp or it won't dry in time and that you use a setting lotion. Again, experiment with different styles of setting and different products to find one that works with your hair!

Also remember to be gentle when brushing out! Brushing out takes practice and time. Brushing out too much will reduce your curls! 

Victory Rolls

Myself with Victory Rolls

Bernie Dexter 

Nikki Napalm 

Dita Von Teese

Miss Victory Violet

Victory rolls are instantly recognizable as pinup! While they take a while to get to knack of, once you have them down pat they are a great way to style hair, especially when you want something quick and easy! They are also incredibly versatile! Have two in the middle, one bigger one smaller, with a fringe, with no fringe, one more to the side...whatever tickles your fancy! Instant pinup hair in minutes! Advice for victory rolls: don't be affair of teasing!! You need the tease for a strong foundation for your rolls! And have fun! Because they are fun within themselves! Some wrap the hair around things (circular foundation bottles, toilet rolls, their fingers) some just wrap it themselves. Play around and find what works for you! Curling the hair beforehand will help!


Micheline Pitt with Bettie Bangs
Miss Mosh with Bettie Bangs

Me with Faux Bangs

Ashlee Marie with Faux bangs

There are two types of bangs that pinups tend to wear that are again stereotypical of the pin up look. Bettie Bangs hail from Bettie Page and a lot of pinup girls rock them! If you don't feel like committing full time to Bettie bangs you can invest in either clip ins or master the faux bang, which as a favorite of mine when my hair was longer. Faux bangs are great for days when you want minimal effort. It can be achieved with either a hair rat/hair donut cut in half or by teasing and shaping! Curling the hair underneath can help make a faux bang easier to achieve. Worn with a scarf or flower its an instant pinup look

Beehive & swoop fringe

Me with Faux Bangs and a beehive 
Ashlee Marie with a beehive and a swoop fringe

Diablo rose with a swoop fringe and a beehive
Beehives are another way for instant pinup hair and a great on dirty hair! They are relatively quick and once you get the hang of them they are honest AMAZING for days when you want quick hair! These are also great in summer as they are off your neck! Again, don't be afraid of teasing!! Teasing may seem scary but its not! Also a LOT of hair spray.

The swoop fringe takes a lot of practice to get right and again, a lot of teasing but once you can do them, they are amazing for instant pinup hair! Curling the hair beforehand will help. 

Lastly, the suicide roll

The suicide roll is a curl at the front of the hair, normally with victory rolls, beehive or a hair scarf/bandana. These are a great fringe alternative to the bangs and swoop style fringes and when done right look AMAZING! Again, teasing is your friend as is practice! Curling the hair beforehand will help! 

Hair accessories to compliment your style!

Pinup's are ALL about accessorising and there are a few primary types of hair accessories that pinups use that I've listed below for you all to finish this post!

Scarves and bandanas
Doris Mayday wearing a scarf from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Micheline Pitt wearing a scarf from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Ida Van Munster wearing a bandana
Scarves and bandanas are a great simple way to finish a look, especially on beehives and loose curls. They instantly add colour and can also be used as a cover for hair that isn't styled or is messy!


Me wearing Daisy Jean Floral Designs Flowers ~ Shot by Miss Mookie

Micheline Pitt Wearing Flower Crown from Pin Up girl Clothing

Me wearing Lady Rowe hair flowers ~ Shot by Billy June Photography
Pinups LOVE hair flowers! They are an instant way to finish pinup hair with style and elegance as well as brightening up an outfit. There are literally SO many amazing ladies (myself included) who craft pinup hair flowers so you literally have hundreds of amazing designs brought to life by different ladies at your fingertips!


Me wearing a Charlie Heart Breaker Bow
Ashlee Marie Pinup Doll
Bows are another great way of finishing a pinup outfit, especially if flowers aren't your thing! Again, as with flowers there are many amazing products and brands to choose from!

Lastly Clips/Combs...

Micheline Pitt wearing a comb from Pin Up Girl Clothing

Me wearing a diamonette clip ~ Photography by Lauren Horwood

Cherry Clip
Clips and combs are great touches to an outfit, especially if you are after something more formal. 

I'm going to leave it here tonight!

I hope this has helped everyone!

More to come tomorrow



  1. so damp hair for wet set. I think I've had mine too wet each time I tried. Oh well, time for another try

  2. I love it! What a great summary of the styles. I favor the wet set or victory rolls myself, but I need to explore some of the other options for styling my bangs I think...