Friday 27 February 2015

Frisky Friday ~ What Katie Did & the Nylon Swish

So....its Friday and I'm back at it with a new flare and understanding on how I can make blogger work for me to bring you even more content here!

So my second Frisky Friday! How exciting! As I said in my first Frisky Friday post, I wanted to start this segment for girls with bodies like mine. I'm not plus sized, but I'm not skinny either. I'm big butted and small busted and I struggle to find people with relateable body shapes to mine. The overwhelming response I got on my first post across social media on my first post told me I'd really made the right choice in starting this segment, so I've allocated time to make sure I do posts for you all once a fortnight on a new item for you all!

This week I decided to go with some staples in my everyday wardrobe and two things I'd definitely recommend to newbies looking for a place to start with vintage lingerie!

I'm going to start with the bullet bra. This was my first ever bullet bra. I actually wore it initially for one of my favorite ever shoots, which was a Playboy inspired one done this time last year.

Photography by Lauren Horwood
It was really my first time ever wearing a bullet bra and while I felt banging in the shoot, I didn't really fill it, despite the next size down being too small. So, this beauty sat in my 'lingerie' tall boy until I came across the ever stunning Nylon Swish on instagram. This lady inspired me to wear this bra more often and after meeting her at the markets and buying the pads that fill the difference, I've worn it out 4 times in the past few months! 

As a girl who normally wears padded bras, wearing a bullet bra is very different. There is no push together. There is no roundness. There is perky points. I have certain shirts I want to try and wear this under, especially coming into winter! I also found this bra was a great starter as its soft cups mean I didn't feel overwhelmed by the 'pointy' shape when wearing. If like me, you find the cups a bit tricky to fill, What Katie Did sell fillers that you wear like chicken fillets that give it a more structured shape. I always wear mine with the bra and I am trying to wear it more.

Now honestly, for a beginner this suspender belt is magical. Its the one I wear 99% of the time if if I'm going to wear stockings. It has 6 straps which I feel is a great introduction to wearing suspenders without it being overwhelming (6 for me personally is my happy number). Its comfortable to wear and is adjustable in size (3 different eyehook closures on the back). I love this suspender belt. It was my first REAL suspender belt and its just SO incredibly comfortable! Its perfect for holding up stockings, the straps are adjustable and the garter clips are good quality! Definitely a recommendation and at $56 AU dollars its quality that won't break the budget for a first timer!

Now the stockings are something special. These are my first pair of full length vintage stockings that feature a keyhole and a back seam whereas my previous ones were all too short and were seamless. I was so ESTATIC when the Nylon Swish was at the last Sydney Rock n Roll Markets and made a point of purchasing a pair of her genuine vintage stockings! These stockings are SO incredibly comfortable! Like I honestly have no words to describe them. They fit better than any modern pair of stockings I've ever owned. I cannot WAIT to purchase more pairs in the future. They quality is incredible! Two months on and not even a nip or a tear or a run. They just don't make stockings like this anymore! I've definitely been converted and I know you will too once you try them!

Plus, I find with vintage lingerie there is also an element of feeling sexy. I'm learning to love my vintage lingerie. It makes me feel good and I'm trying to really change my thinking around how my body should look because I don't follow any other real mainstream why should I follow that one too! My body is fab and I like it wrapped in vintage goodness and that's good enough for me!

Where you can buy these from is linked at the top of the post. In this picture too you can see the bullet bra pads I wear with my bra!

I hope you have all loved this post and I'm looking forward to another Frisky Friday post in a fortnight from now!

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