Friday, 24 April 2015

Retro home ~ Getting into the Swing of things

Hello all!

As I'm now finally dry, safe and sound again post massive crazy weather here in NSW Australia, I thought it was time to do a blog post about a recent obsession I've discovered which came from the strangest of places.

So I recently saw this video on Time Warp Women (or click here to read the Yahoo Article), shot in the UK it looks at 3 women who have chosen to almost reject the modern world and disassociate from society in favor of a 'vintage' existence. 

In a lot of ways I thought this approach to a "retro" living was:
  1.  Very naive - One woman didn't even know what the actual date is
  2. Elitist in their ideals - They seemed to think themselves above 'modern' people due to having "proper vintage morals and attitudes" - IE my marriage is better than yours because of our set gender roles, my lifestyle gives me a better quality of life, blah blah. Which of course, is to be frank, crap. Lifestyle is a personal choice on a way of living that works for you. You compare it to yourself, not everyone else.
  3.  Shaming - Tying back to the Elitist ideal, I was personally DISGUSTED the amount of SHAMING over how these women felt about how "modern" women choose to present themselves physically (what you wear does not dictate your 'self respect')  
While I personally don't like people who are into vintage/retro things like this as I am opposed to this kind of snobby elitism (yes that's the word I think fits best), I must admit I was in absolute ENVY over their homes and wardrobes and it truly got me thinking how much I would love a retro home of my own.

With the prospect of moving again in the very near future (long story short, my house isn't waterproof/rain proof) and I've been looking at a lot of early 70's styled flats (so many pastel bathrooms!!) that I could easily throw back into the  late 1950's/early 1960's, which is seeming to be where I feel most 'at home' with retro home styling.

So having a bit of free time up my sleeve recently (outside of unit hunting) I've been looking at some pieces that I'd love to maybe one day have in my home and thought I'd share!

Lounge Suites

Dining Chairs/settings


Coffee Tables/corner tables

To say I am excited about the prospect of having my own little vintage home is an understatement! I just wish more was in Sydney, as atm most of the stuff I fall in love with is in Melbourne!

Will be posting more on this over the coming months, especially after I move!

Much love,

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