Thursday 25 February 2016

Standing tall in Miss L Fire Lila heels from Royal Vintage Shoes

Its not secret I've become a bit obsessed with the 1940s era of clothing. I may have mentioned it once...twice...multiple times online and on this blog space! Its an era of a simple glamour about its ladies that I absolutely adore and while I am incredibly anti-war, I find the notion that these women stepped up to the plate to help get their nations through a time of hardship to be incredibly inspiring. As I'm starting to build my 1940s wardrobe a bit more, I honestly couldn't go past the incredible Lila 1940s platform heels from Royal Vintage Shoes, made by Miss L Fire.

I was so excited when these pretty shoes arrive in the box for me, all the way from the big USA. These are my second pair of Miss L Fire shoes, which without a doubt are the best pair of shoes I currently own!. So comfortable, practical and easy to wear I so super pumped for my next pair. The first thing I noticed was the height. After trotting around in my Betty sandals for most of the summer I suddenly felt like a giant! The height did take some getting used to but once I did I felt unstoppable.

Flowers ~ Red Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Snood ~ Ebay
Brooch ~ Jubly Umph
Dress ~ Word from the bird
Firstly, lets talk about that all important breaking in period! You will need stockings for the first 4 or so wears. I personally found that on the third wear they gave my blisters around the ankle strap on the inside, but after another wear in stockings the inside fabric on the strap has softened enough to stop that happening. Aside from that I had no issues during the wear in period. No blisters around the back of the ankle and none in the front toe section. Incredibly comfortable from the word go.

Next up: detailing. The construction and detailing of these shoes is incredible! The front is black velvet featuring a small knot at the top of the foot. The heel base and platform are covered in small silver dots! How absolutely adorable is that! Such a great understated shoe that could easily be both formal and casual.

I did find the fit of these to be slightly bigger than my Betty Sandals. I bought the 7.5, which is the same size as my other Miss L Fire but find they do slip a bit on my smaller foot. While they do run a little big, I feel sizing down would have made them too small and its nothing a jelly insert in the back of the smaller heel cannot fit!

The price of these shoes, considering the quality, amazing construction and comfort is very reasonable. These babies price in at $120US which is $166AUD or 85 British pounds). Until I got my first pair of Miss L Fire shoes I was somewhat sceptical of their price but I can honestly say these shoes are in investment. Not only will the last but your feet will honestly thank you, especially if you are someone like me who gets a lot of tension and cramps in their feet when their feet aren't supported properly! Royal Vintage Shoes ships worldwide as well, so all ladies can have incredible shoes!

Also can we just take a quick moment to admire how beautiful this vintage dress is! Its my first ever vintage 1940s dress and I think I am honestly in love. I was unsure about the pleats originally but now I think they look amazing! Excited for Autumn to wear this baby! A big thank you to Word from the Bird which is where I purchased it from! Her vintage store is amazing and she stocks bigger sizes!

If you loved my little Jubly Umph brooch, keep your eyes peeled for a blog post of her new range on my blog over the weekend!

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you've enjoyed it!

Til next time darlings!

I hope you all enjoyed this 
Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as part of a sponsorship with Royal Vintage Shoes, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. Love the 1940's look on you and those shoes are wonderful! :)

    1. Thank you so much doll! I adore these shoes. They are so comfortable!