Wednesday 3 February 2016

Put some Spring in your summer ~ The Belinda Skirt and Melissa top from Hell Bunny

Hello darlings!

Its summer right now here in Aussieland and its honestly been a scorcher this year. Not only has it been hot but the humidity has been an absolute KILLER! I'm talking sweaty before you even put clothes on after you hopped out of the shower kind of humid. In short, as a pinup, its sucked and I've really been trying to find clothes that are lighter in make to help my skin breath. I was so incredibly excited when Gwynnies got some of the newest Hell Bunny releases in stock, I knew I had to have them in my life!

As I've said before, I'm a sucker for floral prints. I'm also a sucker for pastels. More and more I'm adding pastels to my wardrobe, especially since going blonde because there's just something about being blonde and wearing pastels that I love. I was super excited when my parcel arrived the next day and I was excited to see how pretty this skirt looked in person.

Flowers ~ Pink Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Necklace ~ Blue Beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Blue Wren Brooch from Erstwilder (discontinued)
Top belt & skirt ~ Melissa top in white, lilac retro belt and Belinda skirt from Hell Bunny bought from Gwynnies
Shoes ~ Halina shoes from Royal Vintage Shoes
So lets start with sizing! I bought the medium skirt which is my regular size in all hell bunny swing skirts. I've never had one that wasn't true to size. The top I bought a medium, worried about the fit but found that it actually had a fair bit of stretch and easily could have sized down. The top actually completely opens, like a jacket zipper at the back which means no smudging make up on it when you try and get it on. 

Something to note about the skirt, as a lighter coloured skirt, the creases in this skirt do show up. Not as obviously as a plain coloured skirt but still a fair bit, especially if you sit a lot. I find the patterned fabric does make it not as obvious.

I was so excited when I saw the Melissa top! As a former redhead, I don't have a whole lot of white tops. My hair used to transfer onto my tops and turn them pink, so I'm only now starting to buy more white tops now that I don't have to worry about this transfer happening. I love the versatility of this top, it will be great for wearing with my other pastel skirts. The only downside to this top is that it is quite thin and if you aren't wearing beige undergarments, they will show through the white.

The price of both of these items is very reasonable. $49.95AUD from gwynnies snaps you up this truly gorgeous skirt and the top is all yours for $35.00AUD. For such fun, versatile pieces that BREATH in this warm weather they are definitely worth the investment!

Thank you so much for reading this review! Sorry for not as many photos as usual, it was incredibly warm on my shoot afternoon and I've not been feeling 100%. Happy to answer any questions you may have on these gorgeous pieces!

Til next time darlings!


  1. That skirt and top by Hell Bunny looks so lovely on you! I'm so over this hot and humid heat to...sux!!

    1. I'm definitely a winter pinup lol! Bring back being able to wear petticoats and big coats! SO over the heat! But this skirt and top and really cool which is a bonus xx

  2. What are your measurements? I'm wanting to get one but trying to figure out sizing.

    1. I wear a medium which is a 30 inch waist. If you check out she has a size guide on the hell bunny listings x

  3. Is it a lot of stretch? You mention you could have sized down. Was it snug anywear in the waist? Your look stunning in these!

    1. Are you talking about the top or the skirt? The skirt has no stretch at all. I found the top to have a fair bit of stretch in it