Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Comfortable glamour in the Liz set from What Katie Did

One of my favorite reasons to wear lingerie, is because of how it makes me feel. Even before I started sharing my foundations with the internet, it still gave me that little smile because it helped me feel good. Lingerie is something I wear for myself and I find that to be so empowering. Now while I do lace myself into a corset more days than not, I also like to match it with pretty sets of lingerie as well, especially since I do wear stockings unless I’m wearing trousers. Comfort for me is a big things when I buy my lingerie (which may be a surprise for ladies who aren’t regular foundations wearers) and for me my most comfortable set of lingerie is without a doubt the Liz set from What Katie Did.

Flowers ~ Red rose clip from Daisy Jean
Earrings ~ Heather glitter tears from Daisy Jean
Necklace ~ Beads from Debstar Designs
Bra ~ Liz Bra from What Katie did
Suspender Belt ~ Liz Suspender Belt from What Katie did
Underwear ~ Liz Brief from What Katie Did
Stockings ~ Red Glamour Seams from What Katie Did
The Liz set from What Katie Did has quickly become one of my most worn sets, simply due to the comfort level. Made from 100% opaque Italian lycra blend fabric, this set fits firmly on the body offering smoothing of your curves without compromising your comfort. If you like the idea of foundations but feel you might find them too restrictive this set really is for you! The lycra fabric means you can bend, stretch, crouch, twist and if you wanted run without hindering your movements. I mean, who doesn’t love being stylishly comfortable. 

Let’s start with the bra. The Liz bra is one of the best retro bras I own and gives a great pointed shape for a more authentic look. TheLiz bra features the same solid lycra in the bottom of the cup. These cups are lightly padded for a bit of lift and have the prettiest shell style pattern stitched in them.  The top of the cup is sheer mesh and there is a slight peak under the cups at the bottom, which I feel adds a bit of a cheeky element to this lingerie by making it both naughty and nice. This is a wire free bra (which now days is my preference) and is reinforced with power mesh and boned sides. I’m wearing my ‘regular’ size bra (the bra size I wear most often) in this bra which is a 38C and have no issues with the fit. The waistband across the front is also elastic, which helps for a closer fit. I love too that I don’t have to wear my bullet bra pads with this, as sometimes one likes to play hide and seek in my room which is always a bit of a game to find. 

Now while I do have a more petite bust in comparison to the rest of my figure, the Liz briefs are the best shaping I have in my lingerie drawer. Currently boasting a hip of 47 inches in comparison to a 32-34 waist (that’s a 13-15 inch difference) it can be tricky to find briefs that accommodate not just my derriere but also my tummy. These briefs do the job. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, the leg holes at the front are almost in a teardrop shape. I personally find this visual trick helps give a smoother appearance to the hips and the brief is firm enough to smooth my tummy without squashing me uncomfortably. I’ve worn these briefs with trousers as well and have loved the look. For reference of size, I’m wearing the size 18 but they are a comfortable fit. If they weren’t’ I wouldn’t wear them nearly as much as I do. 

The Liz suspender belt is also a fabulous belt for ladies who are beginners or who just want a belt that is versatile and comfortable. I shared on my Instagram not long ago a video on why this belt is so great for ladies who are new to foundation wearing. One of my most common questions I get from ladies about vintage foundations is how they can still use the bathroom comfortably with so many layers on. The Liz suspender belt is stretchy enough you can simply pull it down along with your briefs and pull back up without any hassle. The suspender belt is also incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the day. As someone who spends 8 hours, 5 days a week at work and an hour commuting, I need to wear foundations that I can last that long in. The liz suspender belt has become my go to for days I don’t feel like lacing but still want to wear stockings as it still offers smoothing when worn on its own (though you get a smoother finish with it over the brief) and is comfortable enough to wear on days you don’t want anything super restrictive across your tummy.

The Liz suspenders features 6 straps to help keep your stockings in place throughout the day. These straps are adjustable in length and feature metal clips for best hold (I have one set with plastic clips and its such a struggle to get to stay). The Liz suspender belt also has 3 different fastening clip sizes as well, for a more comfortable wear. Being a solid black also makes it a versatile set as well. I love pairing with brightly coloured glamour seams from the What Katie Did Range (I reviewed these seams and how they fit my curvier thighs recently, you can read it by clicking here) or you can keep it simple and elegant by pairing it with some of their fully fashioned seams for a more formal look.

This set is incredibly curve friendly and a set I absolutely adore. The bottoms are also available in a brief with suspenders attached, for an even simpler approach to beginning to wear foundations. I've been wearing this set, especially the suspender belt a lot over the last 4 months and have been enjoying the high quality and continuing good fit. This set also won't break the bank, with the bra and suspenders retailing for $52AUD and the briefs retailing for $36AUD. I get my What Katie Did goodies direct and it generally only takes 7-10 business to arrive down under, which is pretty quick coming from the UK. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this review! I had so much fun treking through the bush to shoot this and I'm excited to be able to bring you more lingerie reviews to the blog over the later part of the year.

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this set in as a brand ambassador for What Katie Did, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. This is a great review - thank you. I love WKD sets but have not tried this one. Now I will! I have those stockings, though, and love 'em - and I see now there are some spring colours out. More shopping required! Kx

  2. I have the pink Liz set that's now sold out and I love every part of it :) I find that in my bra size 34B the cups are very close to each other not being the optimal shape for my boobs, but the size is perfect so I can't really try another size. The knickers are the most comfortable ones I have ever owned, I have the pink ones that have sort of a see-through mesh at the back and pink fabric at the front and I also have those black ones, which are even better (keep everything in place and have a slight tighter fit because of the more structured fabric). The (pink) Liz suspender belt is the only suspender belt I have and I wear it with practically everything. I have some waist cinchers that have removable straps but I always prefer a separate suspender belt. I do wear mine under knickers though, that way I don't have to remove the suspender belt at all and my stockings won't move around. Doesn't look as fabulous as opposed to wearing it over knickers, but it is much more practical.