Friday, 21 April 2017

Pretty in Primrose with Voodoo Vixen

I’ve talked before about the oh so important little black dress….and how I struggle with the concept of one. On its own, I find black quite bland and boring. I like bright colours most days and I find when I wear black, I often feel rather boring…. unless I’m rocking a style swap in which I wear all the black! But while I find block black pieces a struggle, I do have a soft spot for black dresses with subtle patterns of embroided detailing. So when I saw the Primrose dress from the newest VoodooVixen release, I knew she needed to be added to my wardrobe. 

Flowers ~ Triple rose clip from Daisy Jean
Earrings ~ Medium heather's Teardrops in Emerald glitter from Daisy Jean
Necklace ~ Green beads from Debstar Designs
Dress ~ Primrose Wrap dress from Voodoo Vixen
Shoes ~ Nita Heels from Royal Vintage Shoes
The Primrose dress by Voodoo Vixen is one of many favorites of mine from their latest release, with 3 already having made their way into my wardrobe. For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Voodoo Vixen is a UK based pinup brand that make retro and vintage styled pieces that cater to gals who wear dresses from the 1940s through to the 60s. I’ve been wearing Voodoo Vixen for a number of years now and I love their affordability and uniqueness! The Primrose dress however deserves a special mention as its my first wrap dress from them and I'm absolutely smitten with it!

So what does that mean? That is a ‘wrap dress’? Well basically, instead of featuring a ‘traditional’ zip or button closure, this dress is wrapped around you when worn. Two tie sections are attached to the ends of each side of the dress and one side has a small opening in the seam at the waist. This way you can tuck to opposing cord through the hole and by tying it to the other one to secure the dress on. This makes this dress a great option for ladies who experience things like weight fluctuation and bloating, as the dress “tightness” dictated by tying it closed can be tightened or loosened to accommodate your body. The tie section also situates around the waist, which helps slim the figure and pull you in.

I’ve also found that changing the placement of the tie can change the look of the dress as well. For this shoot I wore it tied at the back, but I’ve also worn it on the side which I found gave it more of a casual feel for when I did grocery shopping in it. I also love the look of this dress without a corset on as well. The only struggles I had with this dress were finding a bra that didn’t show as being smaller busted and needing to size up to accommodate my later hips, it means there is more of a ‘gap’ in the chest section and it being just a bit too short for me to feel comfortable wearing stockings with it. But these are small issues for such a fabulous dress.

The highlight of this dress for me though, is the embroidery! As I’ve fallen more and more in love with the 1940’s, embroidery detailing has becoming something I really love seeing on pieces. For me sadly, most of the true vintage pieces I love are too small (perils of loving the 40’s when you have a pear/spoon shape) but that doesn’t mean I can’t find pieces that share that same feel in repro brands. The bright colours bordered in white on this dress for me really make it. They pop amongst the black so beautifully and not only do they make this dress a statement piece on its own, it gives you a lot of fun colours to play to when you accessorize! 

This dress is strikingly elegant. One I’d happily wear to work (which I have) or out to a dinner. Its elegant and incredibly stylish but also comfortable and practical. I do love that it’s a complete look on its own, which is great for lifting my look on days I’m feeling particularly lazy or for giving you some gorgeous colours to work with to help create a complete look. For my first wrap dress I’m super happy with it and I can definitely see it being a great dress to wear during the transitioning months of autumn and spring.

For this shoot I played to the green leaves and the red flowers. Wearing red roses in my hair and some green earrings and beads. I feel like these simple accessorizes are enough to lift this outfit without taking away from the embroidery detail which is the champion of my outfit.  Accessories don’t always have to be super complicated! Sometimes keeping it simple can be better for an outfit.   

I'm wearing the Primrose dress in a size Large and this gorgeous dress averages around $74AU + postage which is very reasonable. Now Voodoo Vixen only have sizes M and below left in stock. However, if you need a different size and adore this dress, Unique Vintage have the full size range in stock still!

I hope you've all enjoyed this review lovelies and I'm looking forward to some new exciting things coming next week to the blog!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this dress in a collaboration with Voodoo Vixen, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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