Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gumnut babys and Australiana beauties from Erstwilder

Wearing the Rohan Red Tail brooch from Erstwilder
Its no secret I love brooches. Rarely a day goes by when I don't have a brooch pinned to my shirt and most days its the primary accessory I wear. I'm also a through and through Aussie. With indigenous heritage my ties to this amazing country are incredibly strong and I honestly couldn't imagine living anywhere else. One thing for me that makes Australia home is the amazing wildlife that lives here, which is unlike anything else in the world. With the newest Erstwilder range a Collaboration between May Gibbs, the author of the Gumnut babies going live today as well as some new Australiana designs, I thought I'd share my two favorites with you!

Wearing the Basket Bilby brooch
The Basket Bilby brooch for me is the perfect touch of Easter that I can wear all year round. I grew up in a household that didn’t have an Easter Bunny, instead using one of our native animals as our Easter icon as an Easter bilby. I have fond memories as a kid following the little white powder footprints of the bilby down the hallway to where our Easter eggs were left. Bilby’s for me as a result became a creature of magic and wonder so I am super excited to finally have a Bilby in my brooch drawer.

The Basket Bilby is made extra cute by the fact he’s surrounded by little flowers, looking over the edge of a wicker basket. And while for many Australians like myself he can be Easter specific, he’s also versatile enough that he can be worn any time of the year too. This little guy is probably my favorite from this new range and I cannot wait to style him with different looks!

Wearing the Rohan Red Tail brooch from Erstwilder
My other favorite from the Australiana side of things is Rohan the Red Tail cockatoo. I lived in the Southern Highlands for a few years growing up as a kid and later a teenager and it’s an area that red tail cockatoos love as it has quite a few pine trees (we had a whole row along the back of our property) and they loved getting into the pine cones. Their screech like chatter used to fill the air as they would feast on these pinecones, before leaving with bounty in hand…occasionally dropping one which would drop like a missile to the ground. More than once my mum and I were sent running to the house from the backyard as these pinecones dropped from the sky. Strikingly beautiful to watch from below with their flash of red, these birds proved to incredibly pretty to watch fly away even if we kept one eye on guard for falling pinecones.

Rohan the Red Tail comes in the characteristic black, but I do love the gold rippling through his wing and his head. It adds a different dimension to him. His striking red is as bright as ever and I adore the little flower details on his branch. With Australian birds making up a bulk of my Erstwilder collection, this little guy is definitely going to be loved!

Some of my other favorites from this newest release from Erstwilder are:
Armed and Dangerous Brooch

Theodore the Trim Brooch

Tropical Odyssey Necklace
This Erstwilder range is now live and is available not just from the Erstwilder Website but from a variety of stockists such as Gwynnies, Natasha Marie, Coconette-Oz! You can snap yourself up an Erstwilder brooch for $34.95AU + postage and most stores offer afterpay or zip pay for Australian buyers!

I hope you’re all as excited about this collection as I am and I cannot wait to pop an order in for my other favorites!

Which one is your favorite from this newest release?
Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these brooches in a collaboration with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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  1. This collection is so adorable, I have to get my hands on Theodore! I love how you kept your outfit simple so that you highlight the brooches, but kept your style with that gorgeous hat.

    xo, Helene