Sunday, 9 April 2017

Weekly outfits ~ Monday 3rd April 2017

Hello darlings!

I’ve been so behind the ball it feels like forever since I’ve shared a weekly ootd overview post. My January has always been somewhat crazy and with a very quickly planned holiday for the middle of March, my February became a mad rush of prepping for it. But I’m now back on top of my blogging (finally!) so here is my weekly overview from last week!

A lot of this weeks outfits are brand now and will be coming to the blog this month! Plus I also did a style swap this week too and I'll be reviewing my new style swap goodies on the blog in April!

Flower ~ Discontinued double from Daisy Jean 
Brooch ~ Tawny Frogmouth brooch from Erstwilder (discontinued)
Dress ~ Ella Raspberry 40's Swing dress by Miss Candy Floss bought from Ms Katts Kustom House

Flowers ~ Peach and cream rose double from Daisy Jean

Flowers ~ Black rose double from Daisy Jean
Shoes ~ Nita Heels from Royal Vintage Shoes

Flowers ~ Daphnie's Daffodils from Daisy Jean
Necklace ~ Yellow beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Sunflower brooch from Erstwilder (discontinued)
Dress ~ Amber Dress from Voodoo Vixen (read review here)
Shoes ~ Marilyn pumps in red from Royal Vintage Shoes

Flower ~ Discontinued double from Daisy Jean 
Brooch ~ Scotty Dog Brooch from Miss Lady A Broad
Blouse ~ Sheer blouse purchased from Target years ago
Dress ~ Puppy in a Basket dress from Dangerfield
Shoes ~ Old pair from Rubi Shoes

Collar ~ Full Fury Choker by Killstar from Tragic Beautiful
Bra ~ Old playboy style from Bra's and things
Corset & Suspenders ~ Bespoke Vamp corset and Liz suspender belt from What Katie Did 
Stockings ~ Can't remember where they're from
Dress ~ Bella Morte Lost Babydoll Dress by Killstar from Tragic Beautiful
Boots ~ Creature of the night boots by Ironfist from Beserk

I hope you've loved my looks this week as much as I have! Keep your eyes peeled for two new reviews this week along with the scoop on the newest Erstwilder range!

Til next time darlings!

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  1. Guh! The puppy in a basket dress is SO SO SO CUTE! I am totally LOVING Saturdays outfit though, wowza!