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Review ~ Creep Heart

Review time!

I was fortunate enough recently to be sent a little parcel of Creep Heart Goodies from the gorgeous Ella Mobbs and I honestly just had to share how AMAZING they all are with you!
Now I’ve been a distant admirer of Creep Heart for quite a while now. I love the originality, the attention to detail and the sheer creativity that goes into her designs. You can see the amount of time and effort and love that goes into her pieces and up until recently adulting meant I was unable to take the plunge and purchase any! But I was beyond in love when Ella contacted me about sending my some goodies and I was NOT disappointed. 

These accessories are honestly STUNNING! The layering, the design…it’s just breathtaking in person. Photos don’t do them justice! And the packaging is equally as incredible with the same dedication to detail! Every day I wore one I got compliments. People noticed them and loved them! 

What I was sent!

The Lady Blossom Necklace ~ $30.00

I actually normally don’t wear necklaces outside of my Debstar Designs ones or pearls but I loved this necklace the moment I laid eyes on it. The glitter background of red meant it instantly went with 99% of my wardrobe and as a floral lover I couldn’t be happier! I found it comfortable to wear; it wasn’t too big or heavy and sat nice and flat on my chest. Everyone loved this necklace, I got a lot of compliments, the chain and clasp quality is good and it’s just a great piece! 

Ghost Rose brooch ~ $25.00

Possibly my absolute favorite piece of the goodies I was sent! This piece features a clear panel which is detailed with a rose that is just incredible. I love it! I know I’ll wear it regularly. It’s something different and with how the rose is held to me is extremely romantic to me and I love wearing it.

Cupids Heart Mini Pin ~ $15.00

Probably my second favorite brooch out of the ones I was sent so a similar reason as the Ghost Rose brooch! Even though it’s a graphical illustration of a heart, for some reason to me it feels morbidly romantic, especially with the cupids’ arrow through it. This brooch, being a mini is great for days you won’t want a wear a massive statement piece or would be great for beginner brooch wearers who don’t have the confidence yet for BIG pieces!

Cupids Heart Valentine’s Day brooch ~ $25.00

I just realised I forgot to take a photo the day I wore this brooch! This brooch is such a lovely statement piece that really showcases Creep Heart brand perfectly! Along with being such a beautiful soft colour, it features the Creep Heart name through the middle of the heart! I love the colour in this one and can see myself wearing it a lot!All the brooches came with secure back pin closures, so you won’t lose your brooch when you wear it. 

They weren’t super heavy and were comfortable to wear!

She also does a range of decorative prints/pieces and other accessories and I’m already making a list for my next batch of goodies to expand this collection!

On that list is:

For better or Worse Brooch and Print Set ~ $40.00

I absolutely ADORE this set! I think its so beautifully done and would love to have the prints on my wall when I move into a bigger place! And I'd love to wear these brooches together, knowing the meaning myself. 

Bat Echoes Stud Earrings ~ $15.00

I've honestly got a bit of a thing for bats atm (I blame a cute bat baby post on tumblr!) and I think these are positively adorable! I wear earrings and brooches a lot, but I want to expand my earring collection and I think these would be amazing!

Night Dreamer Necklace ~ $30.00

I think this piece is SO beautiful. I love every single thing about it. Its just so.....PRETTY!!

Dying Mingo Mini Pin ~ $15.00

Reasons this pin is adorable! 1. He's a flamingo. 2. He has a bow on. 3. His pin is coffin shaped. I don't believe any other reasons are needed!!

Cat Witch Brooch ~ $25.00

I'm running out of reasons aside from the fact that this is perfection! How adorable is he! And so fluffy!!

So go and support another amazing Aussie brand!

You can find Creep heart:

On facebook - click here!

On instragram under @creep_heart

And her store - click here!

Til later!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these pieces as part of a sponsorship with Creep Heart, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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