Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Winter Staple ~ Knitwear and fluffy sweathers!

So winter is on its way to Aussieland at the moment and this year I intend to be PREPARED for winter! Pretty much my entire wardrobe (with the exception of maybe 6 total pieces) are summer based. Which means since going pinup I've made to with cardigans and basically shivering a lot. 

Not this year! This year I discovered knit wear!!

An eBay purchase of a no longer stocked Tatyana Boutique knit pullover has started a winter obsession: knitwear. No more freezing my butt off. This year I'm going to be nice and warm and  pinup perfect!

My two focuses of knitwear outside cardigans this year are going to be pull overs and fluffy tops!

Fluffy Tops!

I currently own 2 fluffy tops (yellow as pictured and a baby blue). I found these gems at Kmart last year for $8 during the change of season (I am PRAYING they bring these back as fluffy jumpers seem to be a thing in mainstream trends atm too for winter) and I honestly love them! They are deceptively warm, super comfy and are incredibly cute. You can team them with just about anything: jeans, shorts, skirts! And I find the higher neckline makes them great for wearing brooches (and wearing to work!!). 

Aside from a few budget stores like Kmart, I've found some long sleeve ones at Pin Up Girl Clothing and I recently purchased the navy with blue hearts! 

These are a great fun way to stay warm and look amazing!

Pull Overs

I've also discovered knitwear Pullovers. Sadly they don't make this particular one anyone (it was an ebay find!) but it started a bit of a pre-winter love affair and I went on the hunt! I was able to find them in a RANGE of colours for only $13 and being somewhat of a skirt hoarder these will literally save my butt this winter.

And luckily knitwear seems to be available from popular pinups stores as well! Check out these examples all available from Unique Vintage!

So if your a Southern Hemisphere Pinup Gal and you want to look cute but stay warm this winter! Give knitwear a try!

Til next time

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