Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wishlist Wednesday!

Its Wednesday and that means its Wishlist time!

Firstly, lets look at some brooch goodies I'm currently drooling over today from Hungry Designs!

In the lead up to Jurassic World in 2 months time, I am honestly lusting after these two brooches and I really need to get one to wear to the movies when it comes out!!

Mounted Triceratops head brooch - $40.33
Mounted T-Rex head brooch - $40.33
I am also loving these Disney designs from HD as well!

Cheshire Cat brooch - $24.20
Bambi Brooch - $24.20
Pascal Brooch - $24.20
And I guess because today my skirt features clouds and umbrella's I'm LOVING these adorable happy cloud cranky cloud pieces as well!

Happy Cloud brooch - $24.20
Cranky Cloud Brooch - $24.20
You can find them on Facebook or on IG under @hungrydesigns

I am also currently hunting for more tops, as my skirt to top ratio is incredibly off balance atm (1 top per 3 skirts!) and I'm loving designs from Doll Me Up Darling right now!

In particular the Audrey Top - $26.20

The Fancy French top - $34.07

Both are styles which for me would be amazing for work!

Going to leave it there today but keep an eye out for more blog posts coming later this week!

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