Thursday, 9 April 2015

The love affair with Erstwilder

Evening all!

Thought I'd finish off this post and get it published before I headed to bed tonight and that post is about my primary brooch affair with the one and only Erstwilder.

Erstwilder is an Australian brand based in Melbourne, VIC that makes brooches, earrings and necklaces out of resin. I first discovered Erstwilder in 2-013 and at the time the idea of wearing a brooch had never occurred to me. But as I delved more into understanding elements of pinup/retro/vintage style, I discovered brooch wearing was a popular element, so I figured I'd give it a try. The love affair, for me anyway, started with a fox.

Fleur the foxy brooch to be exact, though she is sadly no longer with me (I lost her at the movies). This first brooch, spawned a love affair that has lasted on til 2015, which is only continuing to thrive! In the last 2 years I have grown my collection to currently stand at 24 brooches (would have been 25 with Fleur!) and 1 set of earrings! And I know its only going to get bigger!

I love this brand for its creativity, originality and attention to detail that comes from Erstwilder. No matter where I go, I forever get compliments on my Erstwilder brooches and while I am expanding my tastes into other brooch brands now, Erstwilder will forever hold a special place as my first brooch love! They are just so unique, their design is so playful and the variety is incredible! The colours truly pop and the layering allows for a depth I haven't seen with other products. They are also a great way to give an outfit a vintage vibe without going overboard and are a great versatile accessory for beginner pinups!And they are budget friendly, averaging around $30.

The quality is incredible! Some pieces in this collection are over 2 years old! And the introduction of locking clips on the back means you won't have to worry about losing your goodies! One or two of mine have even taken an unintentional ride in the washing machine and still been fine. The quality is testiment in the fact I'll cart these round, put them in my handbag, forget to take them off clothes and they are still soldiering on!

See below for some examples of me just recently rocking Erstwilder!

Phoebe the Fairy Wren

Pauline the Pearled Emu

She's So Foxy Brooch

Fargo the Frog

Flamboyant Flamingo

Marilyn's Mermaid earrings and Martha Mermaid brooch

Pouncing Paulette
And these are honestly just from the last few weeks!

But this Cinderella also got to go to the ball! I had the absolute PLEASURE of working with Erstwilder and Lilla Rosten at the Reed trade fair earlier this year and it was honestly a BLAST! I got to learn so much more about a brand I love, I got to meet some of the amazing people who stock these products (and who I purchase from!) and I also got to meet and work with the Erstwilder team, who taught me SO much in my 4 days with them!

Day 1 with Lilla Rosten
Day 2, with Lilla Rosten
Day 3
Day 4
This is a brand that is definitely here to stay! Such good quality, such a unique approach to bringing fun, affordable designs to pinup ladies and others and definitely a brand I will continue to wear and share the love for!

I am still SO grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with them over the 4 days I did and hope to one day have the pleasure again in the future!

Some places you can buy Erstwilder online are The Vintage Pip and Gwynnies!

Til tomorrow!

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