Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Flower Confessional ~ Erstwilder Beauteous Blossoms Range and a Picnic Pretty

Its no secret that I'm a flower lover. I'd happily estimate that half my wardrobe is floral print. Hell, I even own a Hair flower business of my own. I have boxes upon boxes of flowers stock and I run on a pretty flower track mind. I also happen to be a self confessed Erstwilder lover and I must admit, I got butterflies when I saw their new range Beauteous Blossoms was all about flowers, a special collaboration collection they've done with Miss Victory Violet.

Harmonious Hydrangea Necklace ~ $44.95AUD
Tulip Bouquet brooch ~ $34.95AUD ~ Bought from Coconette Oz
Cherry Cherry Blossom Brooch ~ $34.95AUD ~
Scrumptious Sunflower Brooch ~ $34.95AUD
Picnic Portrait Brooch ~ $34.95AUD

So far out of the collection I have 4 pieces (one being my first ever Erstwilder Necklace!), along with the new Picnic Portrait brooch that is now available in blonde, which I absolutely needed! 

For those who aren't familiar with Erstwilder, they are an Australian based company located in Melbourne who make quirky and fun jewellery, primarily brooches as well as earrings and necklaces that are made from layered resin. Erstwilder was the brand that started my love affair with brooches to begin with and thanks to discovering them I now have over 100 brooches in my collection from varying brands across the world. They are fun, affordable, durable and I love that Erstwilder are forever restyling and bringing new collections, it just keeps the fun flowing!

The thing I love most about Erstwilder's newest range is their versatility to style. To be honest, flowers go with 99% of things. Believe me, if I'm not wearing a floral print I'm wearing a flower in my hair. Flower brooches are no exception to this. I'm in love with the versatility and design of their newest range.

Their newest designs for me are absolutely incredible, with some new pearl styled textures that I haven’t seen before that truly make their designs pop! I also love that all their brooches now come with lock backs, as I lost my first ever Erstwilder brooch last year at the mall, it’s good to know my brooches aren’t going anywhere when I wear them out.

The necklace especially was something new for me. I’ve previously steered clear of necklaces as I was always worried about their sit, but when I saw their new range I knew it was time to pop my cherry! I’m glad I did. The necklace sits so incredibly well and is so great with blouses tucked under the collar for a difference pop of colour. It also features a very secure latch, which saves you worrying about losing your beloved piece!

I feel that this may be the Erstwilder collection that really pushes me to have the whole collection, as I’m already eyeing off the other designs that I currently don’t have. They are so pretty and well-made and I can’t wait to have them all!

Once again Erstwilder has completely stepped above and beyond, bringing the best to their fans and expanding their range outside of the usual quirky designs to offer something a bit more glamourous and simply pretty!

You can buy Erstwilder direct or from some of my favorite pinup stores like Gwynnies, Coconette Oz and Vintage Pip, to name a few!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this blog post darlings! Til next time!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received some of these brooches as part of a sponsorship with Erstwilder, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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