Tuesday 24 May 2016

Office Chic and Tartan Curves ~ Hell Bunny office separates

Sometimes darlings, I look in my wardrobe and find goodies I'd forgotten I had stashed away, perfectly matching but never reviewed. I felt it was time to shake off the dust and share the love for these forgotten styles! Late last year I bought the Hell Bunny Rosina Blouse in Navy and the Jodie Dublin Tartan Pencil skirt by Hell Bunny from Gwynnies. I bought them for work, but as I explained in a recent post, while trying to get my weight under control I've been shying away from wiggle styles. But I'm trying to push past that atm to reclaim my body confidence so thought I'd share another wiggle style review with you all.

Flowers ~ Jeans double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Byrona Earrings in Navy from Revere Folie
Brooch ~ Creep Heart (discontinued)
Blouse ~ Rosina Blouse in Navy by Hell Bunny From Gwynnies
Belt ~ Retro Belt in red by Hell Bunny from Gwynnies
Skirt ~ Jodie Dublin Tartan Skirt by Hell Bunny From Gwynnies
Shoes ~ Betty Sandals in Black by Miss L Fire from Royal Vintage Shoes (Review coming soon)
I honestly need to wear this set more often. I absolutely adore it. I love blues and greens and this set features two of my favorite colours. I bought the blouse in a size small. It does have a lot of stretch and while it is a little tight on the bust, I know that if I lose any weight it will just fit better. As with most wiggle style skirts, I had to buy this in a large to accomodate my hips. It is a little loose in the waist, both with and without shapewear but there is no way a medium would fit my hips. A bigger waist is nothing a belt can't fix and I do adore the flash of red that the retro belt gives with this ensemble.

Its interesting how we perceive our bodies. I know from photos that this time around my shape has barely changed, I've just expanded out to the same proportions at a bigger size. But its something that can still get me down. I'm making it an aim as of this week to wear a wiggle style at least once a week. I know thats doable now the weather has cooled, as it means I can wear my panty girdle again without drying from the heat. And wearing my panty girdle will mean no thigh chaffing, which is a problem I face in wiggle styles. This top and skirt are also incredibly versatile to mix and match with other pieces from the Hell Bunny 'corporate' style range they released last year.

The skirt is a steal at $49AUD and the blouse retails for $52. I adore them both and really need to make it a priority to wear them more. The detailing in the blouse is simply gorgeous and the back frill of the skirt really does give it something a bit extra.

Thats all for today darlings, I hope you enjoyed this post and I have more coming this week.

Til next time!

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