Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Nautical Wiggles with Tatyana Boutique and Collectif ~ Embracing my curves

I've always been on the curvier side. Whether its at my smallest or my biggest. That has never changed. Probably never will and its something for the most part I'm ok with. I have found though, since putting on a bit of weight last year that I've been shying away from wiggle styles which is sad as they are a style I used to adore and wear very regularly. While I am trying to work a healthier lifestyle back into my recently changed life and hectic schedule, I have also made the decision that I don't want to let my insecurities rule me and as a result I've been trying to work wiggle styles back into my wardrobe.

Scarf ~ Repro red nylon scarf
Earrings ~ Gold glitter hoops from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch ~ Happy Feet Brooch by Erstwilder From Coconette Oz
Top ~ Discontinued from Tatyana Boutique
Skirt ~ Agarva Linen Navy Skirt by Collectif bought from Gwynnies
Shoes ~ Loraine Heels in red from Royal Vintage Shoes 
I picked up this gorgeous nautical blouse by Tatyana Boutique on sale at the Sydney Rock n Roll markets quite a few months ago and didn't really have a whole lot to wear it with. I was hungering for a navy wiggle skirt to wear it with and had been attempting to hunt down the original skirt they made to match, however its been discontinued for quite some time and I wasn't successful. When snapping myself up a gorgeous jumper from Gwynnies recently, I saw the Agarva skirt by Collectif in the sale section, on a whim I added it to my cart with the idea of this combo in mind.

So this gorgeous skirt arrived and despite getting the large I remember holding it up to look at it and feeling rather unsure. It didn't look very big and the straps looked huge. I tried it on and while the skirt fit pleasantly well, despite being a little loose in the waist, the straps due to my teeny shoulders were HUGE. So I removed them (they attach with buttons) and wore the skirt as a stand alone piece.

When I wore them together I was absolutely thrilled that they went so perfectly together! So much so I’ve had a lot of comments about it looking like a dress. I love the dip in the front of the waist. It really does help accentuate the waist and really brings something different to the look. As I mentioned above, this skirt does come with matching straps that are attached via buttons. As I suspected, the large straps on the skirt would be too big, despite needing the large for hips. This is easily fixed though, as popping new button holes further up the straps will make them smaller and better for wear.

I must admit, putting this outfit on, I felt like an absolute babe. I had a wiggle in my walk and a wiggle in my talk. I felt incredible and that is something beautiful. It can be incredibly hard in the world today to feel good about how you look but sometimes all you need is a killer outfit to help make you feel that way. This outfit certainly helped do that for me. The Agarva skirt is currently on sale from Gwynnies for $52AUD. It’s a skirt I can see myself getting quite a bit of wear out of and its one I’d recommend!

To style this shoot I decided to mix and match my colours a bit. I wore a red scarf to pop the colour of my shoes. I wore my gold glitter hoops from Daisy Jean Floral Designs which are currently my favorite thing. And keeping with the nautical theme without being too clique I opted to wear the adorable Happy Feet penguin brooch by Erstwilder that I got from Coconette Oz! Who doesn’t love a happy penguin!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post. As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you may want to leave in the comments!

Til next time lovelies!

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  1. You look SO gorgeous in this outfit, and I hope you're able to learn to see how truly beautiful you are <3! Thank you for writing about your journey toward self-acceptance and body positivity -- it's helpful to read that someone else is going through similar things and keeping her head up!