Thursday, 5 May 2016

Jumping into Nautical fun ~ The Ambleside Jumpsuit by Hell Bunny

As much as I've always loved the 'look' of jumpsuits, they are generally something I've always kept away from. Being rather robust in my lower half but incredibly petite in the shoulders has always had me worried that I'd have issues with upper body to lower body sizing and the idea of having to get something altered really just turns me off the whole idea. However, when I saw the absolutely gorgeous Ambleside Jumpsuit by Hell Bunny pop up on my instagram feed, in stock at Gwynnies I felt this fear crumble somewhat. Owning two pairs of the incredibly stretchy Nell pants I dropped Gwynnies a note and asked her if she could check the sizing for me. To my delight, they were a similar fit! So I bit the bullet, added them to my cart and said a little prayer to the online shopping gods.

Scarf ~ Repro nylon scarf in red
Earrings ~ Gold Glitter Hoops from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Beads: Yellow necklace from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Gold Fish brooch by Luxulite from Coconette Oz
Jumpsuit: Ambleside Jumpsuit by Hell Bunny from Gywnnies
Shoes ~ Lorraine heels in red from Royal Vintage Shoes (read review here)

My pretty jumpsuit arrived swiftly in my hands thanks to the amazing service from Gwynnies and I was so thrilled that it looked just like the photos. However, it not only looked like the photos I could also feel the stretchiness in the fabric, that this jumpsuit had a lot of give, which is something I always love! Due to its nautical theme, I held off wearing it til casual Friday at work (which is the day I normally break out the more fun stuff) and after a day of wear I was pleasantly surprised!

So I'll start with sizing darling! This jumpsuit is incredibly generous. As a smaller busted lass with a rather full behind, I bought my nell swing pants size which is a medium (this fabric has a LOT of give). Without foundation garments this jumpsuit still fits me fine without any discomfort in the legs or hip region. The only thing I will note is that the arms are a bit firm on me, though its not uncomfortable or paintful and there is a teeny bit of button strain on the top button, however I do feel if I'd sized up to the large this jumpsuit would have been MUCH too big in the shoulders. I wear a 36/38B cup, if you are larger than that I'd suggest sizing up to accommodate your bust.

One absolutely adorable thing about this jumpsuit is the incredible collar detail! Not only does it have a double white band around the arms but also a full sailor style collar around the back. This collar isn't a distraction, it doesn't move around too much and isn't a hindrance. One thing I will note though, is that I found the jumpsuit does take a little while to get out of for bathroom visits, which is something to keep in mind!

The front collar detailing follows over from the back and ends in a pointed collar in a V shape. The buttons on the front actually have little blue anchors on them, which is just adorable. It also comes with a matching fabric blue sash which I actually like wearing with it. 

I also love the styling possibilities with this dress. I previously only really had one nautical piece and felt like I I had to stick to the red, white and blue theme. But I've been learning that you can branch it out. For this shoot I decided to wear this adorable goldfish in a bag brooch made by Luxulite that came with my order from Coconette Oz, a great little Australian accessory store that ships worldwide. I love the pop of yellow while still keeping to a 'nautical/ocean' theme! I kept the red to my hair scarf and shoes while showing in a pop of yellow with my necklace, brooch and earrings.

My verdict on this jumpsuit is that I absolutely LOVE it. Its comfortable, practical and a great fun piece to accessorize! I bought this jumpsuit for $84.95 from Gwynnies which considering the quality I was more than happy to pay. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this review darlings! As always, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments!

Til next time darlings!


  1. What a great review, love this jumpsuit on you lovely lady! xo

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous! I'm really glad I took the risk and added this pretty to my wardrobe!

  2. Fabulous outfit! Your Luxulite fishie brooch + a nautical jumpsuit is such a cute, stylish pairing.

    You could have taken the words about jumpsuits and their relationship to my body right out of my mouth here. That's how I've always felt, too, and yet, inexplicably (perhaps just a great degree of confidence borne of getting older), very recently, for the first time ever, I've sorta, kinda been wanting to give a vintage style one a shot, too.

    Have a terrific weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica,

      It can be hard buying one piece styles that are fitted when there is such a big variation between your upper and lower halves! But I think the fabric being used having a lot of stretch is definitely something to take into account! I love hime and I hope when you take the plunge you'll love yours too!

      Missi xx

  3. I'm just thinking of buying it! Thanks for the review it really helped me to decide which size should I choose. :)
    You look lovely btw! ❤️

    1. Hi Pearls and Panties,

      I'm so glad you found it helpful. I was fortunate that the lovely Gwynnies was able to point me in the right direction, otherwise I would have been a bit lost myself!

      Thank you so much xx