Thursday 23 June 2016

Grease goodness with Collectif Clothing

I've always been an avid reader, something I was fortunate enough to inherit from my grandfather. In my youth, books fueled my incredibly active imagination. I actually wrote my first book when I was 13 and was halfway through the second of a trilogy when I lost my groove due to an unsettled home life in my later teens. I've written and read poetry. I adore books that make me think and get my mind working. Some of my favorite books as a teen were written by Anne Rice and thats who I chose to bring with me for my shoot. Sadly as an adult, I don't read anywhere near as much as I once did, based purely on the fact that I am still incapable of putting down a good book if it hooks me and thats not as practical now days with my hectic schedule. When I was styling my latest outfit for this review, it just looked so preppy in its feel I felt a book was the perfect accessory.

Scarf ~ Red Nylon Scarf from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Snood ~ Red Snood from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Holly Hoops in red glitter from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Glasses ~ Kiss clear glasses
Brooch ~ Dachshund brooch from Deluxe Creations
Top ~ Robin top in red by Collectif from Gwynnies
Belt ~ Elastic bow belt in red from ebay
Skirt ~ Mia Gingham skirt by Collectif from Gwynnies
Shoes ~ Red Loraine heels from Royal Vintage Shoes

Preppy pinup is actually type of styling I’m still quite new too. But it is definitely one I am enjoying dabbling in! I first bought the stunning Mia skirt from Gwynnies last year, drawn to its pretty gingham pattern (because who doesn’t love gingham) and its MASSIVE pockets! I bought the X which I find to have ample room, so much so I can comfortably wear it with our without shapewear depending on my preference on the day. The Mia skirt’s pockets really ARE that deep and it does come with a matching gingham belt, I just like to change it up by matching my belt to the other colours I’m wearing. 

It features a side zip which I really like as I find it less noticeable and the gingham pattern is bold enough to make a statement but the navy colour makes it versatile enough that it can be worn with multiple accompanying colours. The length is also slightly longer than the standard swing/circle skirt, which is a feature I really like as I find it makes the skirt more versatile between wearing with or without a petticoat (in these photos I’m wearing a crinoline).

I purchased my first Robin top from Gwynnies in the white and had worn it with my Mia skirt before, but found it really lacked the colour punch I was after. So when I saw she was stocking the red, I bit the bullet and ordered it too. I wear the Robin top in the medium and I find this is ample. The knit does have considerable stretch but I didn’t want it to be too small. Its also incredibly warm for a short sleeve top thanks to its knit style fabric. The sleeves are comfortable, I love the button front and the collar detail along with the small pattern throughout the top, which is far more noticeable on the red than the white. The Mia skirt from Gwynnies will set you back $79AUD and the Robin top $42AUD which is an absolute steal for such great quality garments.

Accessorising this outfit was a lot of fun. One perk of not having fire engine red hair anymore is that I can wear heaps of red without ending up looking like a tomato!! Red shoes were therefore a must and I opted for my red Loraine heels from Royal Vintage Shoes. While I was originally unsure about these heels, since breaking them in they are probably one of my most worn pair as they are so incredibly comfortable!! And they do really compliment this outfit beautifully!

Keeping with the preppy theme I opted for a red snood for my curls at the back and a bow made with my nylon scarf set behind my half poodle hair! I feel these gave the outfit an extra pop, especially with the red on my blonde locks! A simple pair of red glitter hoops and my dachshund brooch from Deluxe Creations finished the look off beautifully! There is nothing about this outfit I don’t like and I feel like this combo is going to be one of those combos I have to be careful not to wear too much!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this blog post! As always, I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments or on my social media! 

Til next time darlings!

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  1. Great outfit, I especially love your glasses, shoes and of course hair-snood!