Friday 10 June 2016

Vintage Glamour ~ Rouge Lipstick by Style By Divine

Earlier this year I discovered the make up line by Newcastle Beautician and make up artist Stephanie when I bought my first lipstick from her in the colour Merlot and I simply fell in love the with colour and wear of that lipstick! She was kind enough to include some samples of her other colours in my parcel and there was one colour in particular I was loving. So when I saw she was having a sale on recently, I decided it was time to add a second to my collection.

Style By Divine Lipstick in colour Rouge is such a beautiful color lipstick! Her lipsticks are high pigment matt and my favorite aspect is that they contain goodies like Shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax to help stop you lips drying out! This lipstick wears beautiful AND comfortably, which for me is a big deal. There is nothing more annoying than dry sore lips! For me the colour Rouge screams glam and I honestly cannot wait to wear it on a night out or to a fancy function. Its such a stunning rich colour that truly makes the mouth the centre of attention!

Just as with my Merlot lipstick, I found this lipstick had incredible wear throughout the day, even with eating and drinking. It stays well, even after meals (as long as you are careful!) and I find that eating doesn't make it flakey, which is something I don't like with some other brands of lipstick. One thing to be mindful of is that it will transfer if you aren't careful when eating. I purposely didn't reapply today to show you the wear of a single application. One thing I like about this lipstick as well is that it doesn't stain your lips after you remove it, which can be awkward for someone like me who overdrawers their top lip!

This lipstick is also super easy to apply and I only really need to tidy my edges with my lipstick brush. 

Style By Divine's lipsticks are manufactured in Australia and are cruelty free, having not been tested on animals which is absolutely awesome. These lipsticks are also super affordable at just $20AUD + postage. Stephanie is also incredibly quick to post things and when I purchased this lipstick I even had it the on the Monday after it was posted on Friday!

Her packaging on her lipsticks is also of a high grade. I've had no issues with lids coming off in my handbag and they come beautifully packaged in their own small box. Also when you purchase yourself one of these lipsticks you are supporting a small Australian business, which is something I love doing! To order, simply check out her website and drop her an email listing the items you want. Payments are made via paypal!

Thats all for today darlings! I hope you've enjoyed this review of this gorgeous lipstick. I had a lot of fun taking the photos for this blog!

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments or on my Instagram! 

Until next time darlings!

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  1. So beautiful!! I love her makeup range, I'm actually going to be doing a blog post soon as well on her lipstick! :)