Wednesday 29 June 2016

Vintage Wearable Art ~ The incredible talents of Miss Lady A Broad

Wearing the Senorita Sherry Brooch
Its no secret I love my brooches. I mean honestly, I wear one pretty much every day that I leave the house. I've found as I'm delving more and more into true vintage and 1940's fashion, my hunt for more authentic looking brooches started and was quickly answered when I was introduced to the amazing Miss Lady A Broad.

My Miss Lady Abroad collection!
So who is Miss Lady A Broad? Miss Lady A Broad is a trained graphic designer hailing from Victoria Australia. An internationally published pinup model as well as a former pageant winner, having won titles in Miss Viva Las Vegas 2013 and Miss Pinup Australia. She's a mother, a model, a beauty and an incredibly talented artist. Her incredibly gorgeous 1940's styling is honestly to die for and her love of vintage truly does shine through in her accessory Brand with her Name sake. 

Miss Lady A Broad

I first discovered Miss Lady A Broad when I was introduced to her by my friend Miss Ruby Rabbit, when I bought my first brooch from Portobello Princess. The unique styling touch of Miss Lady A Broad was really there from start to finish. Coming in their own incredible display boxes, these brooches are made from varying layers of wood, printed design and resin coating. Her newest range also includes beads and other fun add ons to bring even more life and dimension to these incredible works of art. As a pinup moving more away from the modern take on the style to a more authentic take on the 1940’s, these brooches are absolutely incredible! While I still very much adore my more modern brooches that I own, there are some outfits that just need a vintage touch to help finish them off and these brooches definitely do the trick. They are my go to when I wear my 1940’s true vintage outfits and any outfit I have actually that is of a 1940’s style. Whenever I wear them, I get a lot of compliments and comments as they are truly wearable works of art!
Wearing the Scotty Dog Brooch

Arll of her designs feature ladies or absolutely adorable animals, in true vintage style and their own fun theme. This means that there truly is a Miss Lady A Broad brooch for every occasion. Haunting and Halloween-eque? She’s got you covered. Cute animals and bunnies. She’s got you covered. Something with an Air force feel? Again, you’re covered. Her newest range even has a pinup Astronaut! Her creative flare means there is truly something for everyone when it comes to style preference.

Wearing the Miss Be Mine Brooch
All Miss Lady A Broad brooches also come with a secure locking clip! Which is always a good thing as there is nothing more heartbreaking than losing your brooch! Each is hand made by Miss Lady A Broad and quality is always of the highest. Miss Lady A Broad has also had an amazing year with her gorgeous brooches now being stocked in Australia store Gwynnies as well as available through her own website!

Wearing some of my Miss Lady A Broad Brooches
If you are as much of a brooch addict as I am, love vintage styling and are looking for incredible wearable pieces, then Miss Lady A Broad is definitely a brand for you to keep in mind and watch! With her newest range bringing new elements to her brooches, she is definitely an Australian brand to watch!  Expect to see this gorgeous brand even more on my blog over the coming month, as I really can’t get enough of her designs!

Miss Lady A Broad brooches retail for $30-35AUD + postage, which is a great price for such intricate pieces!

Places to find Miss Lady A Broad:

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this blog post and I look forward to bringing you even more over the month of July! It’s going to be a busy one!

Til tomorrow darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received some of these brooches as a gift from Miss Lady A Broad, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. OMG..... Thank you so much. I feel humbled by your beautiful review.

    1. You are more than welcome! Thank you so much for creating such incredible pieces!