Saturday 18 June 2016

Mischief Made from El Rodeo: the Australian one stop tee shop!

Its funny how when you get into a certain style, you shy away from things you used to wear a lot. For example, I used to LIVE in tee shirts....then I got into pinup and I stopped wearing them (outside of my men's star wars tees I wear when I'm crafting). But, with the help of amazing brands like Mischief Made, they are slowly making a reappearance in my wardrobe! I bought my first Mischief Made shirt last month (you can read the review here) and when I saw Australian store El Rodeo were stocking them I bit the bullet and bought my second!

The reason I picked the 'Wolf Bait' tee is because it had a bit of sass. So far, my shirts for the most part have been rather on the softer side, but I love the idea of wearing something a bit sassier and cheekier, so this was the shirt that drew me the most. I paid $38AUD for my tee plus shipping and I had it in my hot little hands in less than a week!

El Rodeo is a newcomer to the Sydney store scene and so far, they have been going incredibly well! Running a small business can be tough (I speak from experience) but it’s worth it if you are doing what you love! El Rodeo is a one woman show owned by Elisia Mangione, who draws her inspiration from old school biker culture, grind house girls, heavy metal, the natural world, and rock 'n' roll livin'. For more about her and how she runs her business/what inspires her, get the latest issue of Adore Pinup Mazagine to have a read of her interview!

I absolutely LOVE my new Mischief Made shirt! It’s as comfortable as my Bubble Babies shirt, the sizing was consistent and I didn’t have to wait as long by buying from a local stockist. I am honestly super excited to wear this shirt with my jeans on weekends when I’m running around, as I feel this may be a little too cheeky to wear to work! But it’s such a comfortable shirt, I know I’ll wear it at every opportunity I have!

Not only do El Rodeo stock the amazing Mischief Made, they stock a variety of other sassy tees, tops and pants in their store too! Some of my personal favorites are:

Darlin' Tee ~ Bandit Brand ~ $50AUD
Hot Tomale Top ~ Mischief Made ~ $38AUD
Santo Rosa Roundup Top ~ Atomic Swag ~ $38AUD
Johnny Cash Tee Shorts ~ Stardust ~ $80AUD
That’s all for today darlings! I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and this little review.

 If you are after some killer Tee’s, go check El Rodeo out! They are also on Instagram and facebook too!

Til next time!

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