Thursday 2 June 2016

Green Garden Dreams ~ Ingrid Dress by Hell Bunny

I finally have my first hat darlings! My goodness I was beyond excited when I found it in the op shop on my birthday on Monday, hanging there as if it was waiting just for me. As my love of 1940s has swelled, my list of hats I want to buy online has swelled with it. But this one I knew would go perfect with the Ingrid Dress By Hell Bunny, which I once again made mine on Thursday.

Hat ~ Vintage
Gloves ~ Vintage
Earrings ~ Faith Earrings in Pink Gold Pearl from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Necklace ~ Pastel Pink beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Tulip Bouquet by Erstwilder (Read Review here)
Dress ~ Ingrid Dress in green by Hell Bunny from Natasha Marie Clothing
Shoes ~ Lacey Heels from Royal Vintage Shoes (read Review here)
I bought this dress in pink originally in the medium, which has generally been my safe size with Hell Bunny. I can sometimes size down but it depends on the cut. However I found in the lower half this dress ran incredibly small and I ended up selling the pink dress and rebuying it in the green (the pink was now sold out in my size) from Natasha Marie. I do truly adore this dress. The cut of it is a gorgeous 1940's style and while it is still a little small in the hip (the zip gathers a bit under my belt) I know that the XL would have been much too big in the upper body.

I do truly adore the softness of this dress. Its incredibly feminine and gentle. It wears comfortably and while the arms are a tad firm when I pull it on, once on its not an issue. It has more of a A-line skirt than a swing, which means I don't have to worry about a petticoat. Though I would advise if you are wearing stockings with this dress to wear a slip, otherwise the fabric is prone to sticking to them due to static. Also be mindful that the thin fabric does show lines quite clearly, as you can see the bottom of my vamp corset through this dress, despite it being under my girdle and a slip.

I loved styling this dress for this shoot. I opted for creams and soft pinks to compliment the softer tone of this dress. My vintage hat with its cream sash worked perfectly. I kept the cream theme with a pair of my vintage gloves and my cream lacy heels from Royal Vintage Shoes.

My pink faith earrings from Daisy Jean Floral Designs and my pastel pink bead necklace from Debstar Designs were the perfect softer touches to go with my Tulip brooch from Erstwilder. I felt like I should be off to a fancy garden party instead off snapping photos in my buildings courtyard for my blog! This is my second 'wartime' dress from Hell Bunny and its honestly making me want the rest of them. They are comfortable, versatile and very true to style yet still absolutely affordable!

The Ingrid dress is currently in stock in Latte, Pink, Green and blue at Natasha Marie for for $49.00AUD plus postage, which is incredibly well priced! I honestly cannot wait to add more wartime Hell Bunny into my wardrobe! 

Til next time darlings!


  1. Love this dress and your hat! Plus love how you styled your hair! xo

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous. I thought I'd try something different hair wise for this shoot! xx

  2. As of yet, I own no Hell Bunny clothing, but have seen a lot of their 40's inspired line and drooled over them all. New clothing is not something I am able to budget for currently but I can see me owning a few of their dresses in the future. Maybe I'll find one someday second hand, I've gotten all 4 of my Lindy Bob dresses and 1 Retrolicious dress that way. I love this style on you. Even seeing the line from your corset, looks like a construction detail and is very flattering on you. Lovely, as always.

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. I snapped this dress up for super cheap! If you look on ebay I can't see why you can't get them at a great price. I purchased my latest hell bunny dress, a variation of this one for $24AUD with postage on ebay!

      Thank you so much gorgeous. I actually really liked that the corset line showed too. Made it almost look like it had a peplum xx

  3. So very, very lovely! Dress, hair, accessories, every last wonderful detail.

    ♥ Jessica