Monday 7 November 2016

Oh Peggy! ~ The magic that is Royal Vintage Shoes

Its time for me to share another amazing shoe from Royal Vintage Shoe's first range! (I must apologise for the delay in getting this out. It seems my bloggers scheduling function on has been having a few issues recently.) As I said in my first post about this gorgeous range, that this collection is something I'm incredibly excited about, especially as I've been getting more and ore into 1940's styling. In this blog I'm sharing the Peggy Heels in brown and white, which are quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

The Peggy is a two tone heel which I absolutely adore for its versatility. Designed by Lauren of Royal Vintage Shoes, these amazing shoes are based on real styles of 1940's shoe. They feature a subtle broguing, these shoes ooze elegance and class in the most simplistic way. The Two Tone is such a striking feature and really helps them match a variety of different looks. The white truly is a stunning bright white, which is something I love in a shoe and the detail on the toe is truly beautiful. I've tried to get as many angles to showcase these shoes in all their glory. They truly are beautiful.

The Peggy heels features a 3 inch Cuban heel, which is great for stability and comfort. I can wear these all day (with the exception of my morning and afternoon walk to and from the station, because it’s such a trek heels are impractical) and not have any aches or pains. Made of leather these shoes are incredibly comfortable and offer great arch support, which means less aches and pains and more time spent looking fabulous!

Sizing wise, it is recommended for people with a standard size foot to size down half a size. However, once broken in I found that the next size down for me would have been too tight across the front of my foot (I’m quite wide there) and that my true size was the right size for me. To break them in I wore them around the house for an evening or two with my partners thick socks on. That was all they needed. I’ve had no blisters at all from these shoes, which is amazing and I can comfortably wear them with or without stockings. They’re such a great shoe I’ve now ordered them in the black colourway, as I feel they’ll be the perfect match for so many outfits as I delve more and more into my 1940’s styling!

These amazing Peggy shoes retail for $150USD, which I can vouch is TOTALLY worth the price. These are high quality leather, comfortable and incredibly well made.  The attention to detail is absolutely spot on and with another pair from this range to review, I cannot sing the praises of this first collection enough. For ladies who love a more authentic look, these shoes are a must. They are also great for office gals as they are a good size and appropriate design.

Royal Vintage Shoes ships worldwide and stock a variety of shoes in their store as well as their own range! I cannot wait to share my next favourite from this range with you all, as they are such a truly stunning and elegant pair of shoes. Don’t forget to follow Royal Vintage on Instagram and facebook to keep up to date with all whats happening with her store as well as her own blog adventures!

I hope you’ve all loved this review dolls!

Til next time!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these shoes as brand Ambassador for Royal Vintage Shoes, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. You look stunning! I really like how you matched colors. May I ask what brand is the dress you wear?