Wednesday 2 November 2016

Throwing some sass with Lady K Loves

In the world of ‘body shapes’ I’m considered a pear shape, which means basically that my bust is smaller than my hips with a small waist. I’ve always struggled with body labels and being called a pear in my earlier twenties use to bring to my frustrated tears of denial as I didn’t want to be ‘labelled’ as something different. It was particularly hard coming from a family of women who were all pretty petite and column shaped as once puberty hit I always felt like the odd one out.  While pear shaped women are being represented more now than they ever were in the 1990’s and 2000’s (though the hourglass of a large bust and big hips still seems to take the centre outside of the more petitie ladies), I find the ‘pear shape’ is still twisted into something mostly unobtainable for most women, so I wanted to share these fun photos of me with my natural shape. Now don’t get me wrong: my love of shapewear isn’t due to self-loathing or self-hate now days. I love how fun it can be to tweak my shape to suit different looks or eras and it really helps me fit into clothes better as well as giving my shape neater lines, but I do find most brands don’t really cater for pear girls. I normally have to compromise waist size to fit my hips and my bust is normally left behind completely in firm fitting one pieces. So I was incredibly excited when I received an amazing parcel of UK Brand Lady K Loves to find these amazing gingham Wendy trousers (not that I own much of it but I’m actually gingham crazy!!) and finding that they fit my body without any smoothing or cinching. Pear ladies, these pants are a must!

Scarf ~ Baby Blue scarf from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ A few seasons ago blue earrings from Sparklelux
Beads ~Pastel Pink beads from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ War Paint brooch by Vixen by Micheline Pitt from Vintage Pip
Top ~ No brand Marilyn style top
Pants ~ Wendy Trousers in Blue Gingham from Lady K Loves
Shoes ~ Kmart
LadyK Loves is a UK based brand that make retro and vintage styled pieces in limited runs. When I first heard of Lady K Loves it was due to their incredible curve friendly jeans early last year. Upon further inspection I found they also stock a tops, playsuits, skirts and outfit sets as well as their well-known jeans. One thing I’ve noticed through looking through their Instagram and hashtag is that ladies of a variety of sizes and shapes wear their clothes, so their products aren’t just suited to the girls with bigger curves. Made with fun prints and patterns, they’ll have a piece for everyone’s tastes! I was incredibly excited for the Wendy Trousers in blue gingham and after wearing them a few times to be able to give you all the best feedback, I can honestly say I’m in love! 

Firstly, I actually love gingham print! One of my aims is to bring more gingham into my wardrobe over summer and it’s such a great summer colour too in pastel blue! Blue Gingham not for you? No problem, because the Wendy trousersalso come in Black and White Leopard, Cornflower Blue, Leopard, red gingham, rose red, black and a teal stripe pattern. The Wendy Trousers are made from what feels like a cotton (their website doesn’t say but they are super breathable!) and feature a darted high waist with a tapered cigarette style leg. This high darted waist is a lifesaver for gals with a small waist and a decent size difference between their hips, as it stops any gaping (especially at the back) and the belt loops allow for the option of throwing in a pop of colour and some extra cinching. 

The Wendy trousers are done up with an invisible side zip and button, which is another great feature for smoothing the figure. I tend to carry a fair bit of my weight on my tummy, but by moving the zip to the side it reduces the bulk on the front and smooths everything out. My tummy has never looked flatter in such a light coloured pair of pants and its one of my favourite things about them. These incredible trousers not only fit my tummy but they also fit my hips and booty, which is my biggest issue with firmer pants. They aren’t too firm on my hips or my thighs and I don’t get any pulling through the crotch area (awkward) when I sit down or bend over. This for me makes these pants TRULY awesome and is one of the reasons I cannot wait to add more to my wardrobe. 

The styling potential for these pants is huge! Being such a soft pastel blue I’ve loved teaming them with baby pink so far! But I’d love to try other colour matches once I invest in some more summer tops in the next few weeks! For this shoot I kept accessories simple in white and pink to let the Wendy’s truly shine. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a firm fitting pair of pants as much as I love these ones!  I’m actively trying to not wear them constantly (which is always a good sign right?!) and I cannot wait to add some more colourways into my wardrobe. 

For reference, at a 30/32 waist and a 44/45 hip I’m wearing the size large. Some of the colours have more stretch than others (make sure you check the description and size chart when ordering!!) so it depends on if you prefer a looser more casual look or a firmer fit. Wendy trousers are normally £48/$77AUD/$58USD but their older colour ways are currently on sale for £38/$61AUD/$46USD, so if you are loving these pants now is the time to snap yourself up a pair! I received my parcel from Lady K Loves in around 10 business days internationally and it was beautifully presented!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review! I’ve got some more gorgeous Lady K Loves goodies coming your way very soon!

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these pants as part of a sponsorship with Lady K Loves, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. You look beautiful! I love blue gingham and those pants, but usually don't buy pants that are not full length because I live in such a cold country that I have only about 2 months to be without thick tights. Anyway I'm really liking this outfit! <3

    1. Thats understandable! I know now days I'm buying more cotton stuff than I used to because its so hot. Thank you for the outfit love xx

  2. Really great review and perspective on body typing and self image. I really admire and appreciate your attitude, voice, and honesty. You are such a positive and real person, I'm glad you share it with the world. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Raven,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I try and keep it as real as I can and I'm glad that shows. xx

  3. Well done Missi! I love your body positive attitude. Looking great isn't the only thing people should aim for, feeling great and being kind, understanding and nice to others is so important too. LKLx

    1. Most definitely agree! And a fabulous pair of pants definitely help x