Friday 25 November 2016

Summer time Tiki with Lady K Loves

It’s no secret I’m a tiki lover. There’s something about the whole tiki look that just gives me that happy feeling inside. As well as a love of tiki, I love pieces that are versatile. Nothing makes me happier than an outfit I can wear styled different ways to create different looks. Pieces that seem to want to fight versatile styling tend to make me sad so I was thrilled that I found this skirt to be such a winner. For me, the V2 wiggle skirt in leopard from Lady K Loves definitely ticked all those boxes!

Flowers ~ Black Rose Double from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Hoops ~ Gold Hollywood hoops from Retro Resins (review here)
Necklace ~ Black Skull Necklace from Debstar Designs
Top ~ Green Halter from Dangerfield
Skirt ~ V2 Skirt in leopard from Lady K Loves
Shoes ~ Pinup Couture Wooden Tiki Mules
The V2 wiggle skirt is wiggle style made by Lady K Loves. Available in black, leopard, jade and brandy wine there is a colour in this skirt to suit any gal. With their design based on their killer cigarette pants these skirts feature a fitted waist and knee as well as a longer length, something that is truer to an actual 1950’s wiggle skirt. A back zip and button make for easy closure and wear as well as a slight back slit for ease of walking and a bit of a breeze. This skirt is beautifully made, comfortable to wear and killer to style.

As I mentioned in my last post about Lady K Loves, one reason they’re currently one of my favourite brands is their amazing fit. They’re a brand that fit my smaller waist and bigger hips without shapewear (I went sans foundations for this review too!) which in the coming summer months I know I’ll be extremely grateful for! Its already proving that its going to be a particularly humid one here in Sydney Australia and some days its simply too humid to even think of wearing my foundations (which is definitely making me sad). I’m wearing this killer skirt in a size Large! While it was initially snug it did stretch out a bit after a wear and the fabric breathes well.

Since I am talking about a wiggle skirt, which can be a bit of a gamble for thigher thighed gals during the warmer months. Previously as I wasn’t walking all that much it wasn’t something I’d have to consider but since moving its become something I’ve really had to think about so I thought I’d stop here and give a few pointers on ways I like to help prevent thigh rubbing and other options I’ve read that are really good!

The first option of course is to put a physical barrier between your thighs. This can be done a variety of different ways.
1.       You could wear bike shorts (something I’m known to do when I’m walking to or from the station in looser skirt)
2.       You can wear a band around your thigh such as a Bandelette . These have had good reviews from what I’ve seen and I’m actually hoping to give them a go soon
3.       A pair of long legged ‘underwear’ such as the functional anti-chaff knickers from the Big tights company or the cute lace shorties (and matching tops) of Undersummers
4.       One of my favourite options in cooler months is to wear a Panty girdle, such as Rago #6207 or the #6201. Both not only smooth your figure but the barrier helps prevent thigh rub

One of the other options that I’ve read about is Body Glide anti chaffing balm. I’ve been hearing the praises of this sung a lot online and its definitely something I want to give a go! 

I’m also loving the versatility of this fun skirt. So far I’ve worn it with a few different tops and it just goes with so much! Comfortable and versatile! Two of my biggest things I look for when picking items for my wardrobe!

The V2 skirt retails for 
£45.00/$75.51AUD with international shipping! + shipping and they do post worldwide! So no matter where you are you can have 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and I’ve got more gorgeous goodies from Lady K Loves coming your way in December and in the new year too!

I’m also super excited to say some changes are going to mean I’ll be able to bring you all better blogs in 2017, as I’ll have access to transport on my shoot days again!

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this skirt in a collaboration from Lady K Loves, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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  1. Look fantastic! I think I missed this post first time around. <3 LKLx