Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hair adventures with vintage hairdresser goddess Miss Ruby Rabbit of Retrobilia Boutique Shellharbour

Hello all!

As many of you know, I struggle with my hair. I have very stubborn locks that are very defiantly strong and like to be straight. Its often a never ending battle to keep nice vintage styles in my unruly hair. My wetsets are lucky to hold for 6 hours, my heat sets last even less (try less than an hour) and it certainly makes setting my hair and looking nice hard.

So you can image how excited I was, when Miss Ruby Rabbit (pictured with me post appointment above!), a vintage/pinup hairdresser moved up from VIC to work at the Retrobilia Boutique in Shellharbour! Once she was all moved and settled, I booked myself in to get some work done on my stubborn locks!

Miss Ruby Rabbit was an absolute pleasure throughout the entire processes and I am so grateful to have someone who talked me through what we were doing. We went through the normal bleach and dye process, before cutting in my first proper vintage midi! I was beyond excited! To finally have nice even curls that hold would be an amazing thing! Even just a longer holding curl to me would be a success to be perfectly honest! We cut in the layers and then it was time to set it. This was my first experience with swiss rollers and to be perfectly honest, I want to buy some to use them myself.

The hood dryer was a whole new experience. I'd always seen them at hair salons but never seen one used. It took a while to get used to the sheer warmth coming down on me but once I did it was all good.

 My curls came out and I looked like strawberry shortcake!! They were so adorable and springy, like I've never had in my hair before! We then started to brush out and my amazing shorter hair showed my new curls in style!

 Once it was all brushed out, it looked incredible and I am so grateful for my new cut and I cannot wait to start playing around with styling it!! My hair is always a bit of a struggle spot for me so its really exciting to finally be able to have shorter hair again (as its much more cooperative at a shorter length) and I look forward to really getting into tutorials again now!

A big thank you to Karen for the photos she snapped on the day for me! It feels great to have my red locks back as well as a renewed lease on having pretty vintage hair! I'll definitely be back!

Catch you all tomorrow!


  1. Your hair looks perfect! I'm considering a midi too because my hair is stubbornly straight, but I also like wash and wear cuts, so I'd be interested to hear more about how you like the cut!

  2. I love your hair colour and how Miss Ruby Rabbit styled it for you! :)