Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Review ~ Pastel Princess Adventures with Hell Bunny and Soda Sweethearts

Hello all!

Its review time! Are you excited! I am! Its so good to really start getting into things on the review front! I thought I'd start with reviewing one of my new favorite Hell Bunny Tops and my new Soda Sweethearts Brooch!

In the Monday of May I moved house, which was an amazing move as it basically meant I could start wardrobe building again. As such, the store Gwynnies has become my go to as a long love for the brand Hell Bunny has been flourishing with their newest releases and I've slowly been buying the items that have stolen my heart! 

 I'm a water lover, even if now days I don't get in it much which is primarily a distance/transport issue. I've always had a keen passion for marine life and in my teen years wanted to study marine biology at university. I refer to myself as a self confessed mermaid as I've been saving for a tail for some time now and being able to be a mermaid for me is kind of a dream that I'm working on. So naturally, when I saw the amazing Spring/Summer 2015 collection come out, I KNEW I had to make certain pieces mine!

I'm going to start this review by talking about the Shelli top by Hell Bunny (pictured above). The Shelli top was my first purchase from the range. I bought the medium (you can find my measurements by clicking here) which is pretty much my staple size in Hell Bunny items and it came with an easy price tag of $35.00 AU. When it arrived in the post, I instantly fell in love. The baby pink colours are SO soft, it felt light on the hands and the collar detailing is adorably perfect. The contrast of the mint against the soft pink gives the shell details a bright pop and the ribbon tie at the collar is such a nice touch to the look. 

Being a mermaid lover, I instantly adored the shell details on the collar. Its such a subtle ode to the ocean without taking over the entire outfit. The collar is also an ideal place to wear a brooch, as the fabric here is quite firm in comparison to the softer fabric of the body (which I found would pull when you wore a brooch on it). The coloured buttons also really tie everything together nicely, which really gives the top a finished look. I love the ribbon ties, the only downside I'd say is that they are a tad long for me personally and sitting at my desk at work they can be pulled and come undone, but this con is a minimal one.

When I did purchase this top I was a bit cautious of the sleeves, especially with recently having put on a bit of weight and my arms aren't as trim as they were. But I found the sleeves to be comfortable and reasonably sized with no tightness or uncomfortable digging in. I've worn this top all day at work and had no issues with the sleeves at all, which is always a bonus when buying tops! Being smaller busted means I found I did have some loseness across the chest with the absence of a padded bra but I actually found I prefered that.

While this top is sheer, I found I didn't need to wear an 'undershirt' with it. When I do wear it, I match it with a longline bra I reviewed last week and because its a full piece you can't really see it through the shirt. Its very light to wear and very comfortable. The feel and wear of this one prompted me to buy my second blouse from Hell Bunny and I have no doubt I'll be buying more!

I decided to match this outfit with this gorgeous Atomic Shell Brooch I got from Soda Sweethearts! I've got two Mermaid inspired hair pieces from Soda Sweethearts and knew I had to have this brooch when they released this brooch! It arrived the week I bought the Shelli Blouse and I knew it was a match made in heaven!

This brooch is made of laser cut wood and is handpainted by Soda Sweethearts herself. The thing that really stood out for me with this originality in design, adding a retro twist to an ocean theme and the pearl detailing along the shell ridges! I love this brooch and I really love finding outfits I can incorporate it into! Definitely a great statement piece that won't break the bank!

Other outfit details:
Scarf - Closet Confessions Boutique
Belt/skirt - Also hellbunny with review to come!
Shoes - Pin Up Couture Cutie Heels

I hope you've all enjoyed this review and I look forward to another review later this week which will also be talking about the skirt worn in this post!

Thank you lovelies!

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