Monday, 1 June 2015

Modcloth Monday ~ Winter Shoes

Hello all!

So for those who don't have the pleasure of living in the southern hemisphere, its currently winter for us in Australia and its been a chilly one! 

Thankfully I don't live in an area that snows, but its already snowing in the mountains and has been since mid May, meaning the 'breeze' that comes from the mountains has been ice cold! This has been my first winter since being a pinup where I've had to step outside the realm of just adding a cardigan to my outfits...because its been just too darn cold for that! So I've had to start investing in things to help keep me warm. 

Outside of knitwear (which I want to cover in a seperate blog post) I've been looking at investing in more winter accessories, namely winter shoes to help get me through this years colder months! 

I've primarily been looking for boot style shoes or heels that are primarily enclosed, to help keep my tootsies warm this winter! For my Modcloth Monday this week, here are my favorites from their site!

As someone who has lived in sandals for most of summer, winter appropriate shoes are currently very high on the priority list as keeping my feet warm and dry is a big step towards staying cold free!

Much love

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