Wednesday 29 July 2015

Brooch Queen ~ My ever growing addiction

Hello all,

So I promised you all a little peak into my brooch collection and here is the post as promised!

After a recount (I forgot a few!) and the brooches I have in the post coming I currently own 71 brooches! How crazy!


This is where the love of brooches started and is an area that continues to grow in my collection, currently being the most brooches I own of any brand! Erstwilder designs are amazing, playful, quirky and limited edition, meaning you’d be hard pressed to find some of these pretties again!

Creep Heart

I was introduced to Ella Mobbs’ Brand Creep Heart when she sponsored me earlier in the year! I have since fallen in love and have been back to purchase more! Her design and style are incredible and I always get compliments on her pieces!

Deer Arrow

I was introduced to Deer Arrow when I won an IG comp late last year and have been slowly adding to my collection ever since. They were my first wooden brooch brand and I will no doubt continue to go back for more!

Atomic Mingo

A new brand to the brooch scene, she’s release some amazing movie inspired pieces! I snatched up this pink ladies brooch and adorable pineapple a while ago! Her designs are incredibly original and I’m so thrilled to see she’s doing so well!

Soda Sweethearts

I love this little brooch so much! Being a lover of ocean based goodies, I adore this little atomic mermaid brooch! She also does mermaid inspired hair pieces!

Heidi and Gretel

This brand caught my eye when they release their Audrey 2 brooch, inspired by little shop of horrors, one of my favorite movies! I knew I needed to make her mine and am currently eyeing off a few others I quite like.

Hungry Designs

Another brand with amazing originality! Flounder was one of my first purchases and I’ve since been blessed with a small collection of their AMAZING mounted head brooches! Ladies seriously, get on these!

Glitter Paradise

This brand is great for ladies with a love of retro lingerie! My first purchase of theirs was this adorable girdle and I am now eyeing off a bra and girdle matching set. So fun and playful!

Smitten Von Kitten

I won this pretty in my runner up pack last year for Miss Picture Perfect! Such a cute little brooch!

Cutie pop Creations

A new edition because honestly, who doesn’t love a pink glittery darth vadar! Her range is HUGE and her designs are amazing!

A miscellenious bunch of brooches that I’ve been gifted over time from friends

Self made

I’ve made myself a brooch from time to time, including these cuties

Im Lucky Charm

Who doesn’t love Jessica Rabbit. Being my inspiration for red hair, I knew I had to make this pretty mine!

Daisy Jean

I kept a brooch for myself of each design of my own brand because flowers are always pretty!

Debstar Designs

I bought this pretty to match a pair of earrings I bought from Deb and I adore this brooch!

Ms Batty Boutique

You can never have too many mermaid brooches! And this pretty acrylic piece is so pretty. 

A special mention to two of my newest editions that arrived today! Another Erstwilder for my collection and my second Glitter Paradise piece!

A special mention to Jubly Umph, who I also have my first brooch from them still in the post! See below for the design I ordered!

Special mention to amazing stockists Gwynnies, Vintage Pip and Coconette-Oz, for all your brooch needs!

I personally store my brooches in a bowl, so I can pick and choose what one i want and have them visually on display. Thought its getting to the point I need another bowl lol!

I hope you've all enjoyed this post!

Til later this week!

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  1. Wow! I'm only just getting my baby brooch collection off the ground so this is great inspiration :)