Thursday 9 July 2015

Rainy Days and White Dots ~ The Hell Bunny Madden Dress Review

Good morning lovelies!

Another morning and I'm bringing you another review! This time its one of my current favorite dresses: the Madden Dress by Hell Bunny in navy blue and white dots which I accessorised with one of my Creep Heart brooches. 

Up until recently, I’d never given much thought to the 1940’s as a specific era.  I didn’t really have any era specific dresses, but I had always loved the Hell Bunny Madden dress. I’d seen it on SO many other ladies that I knew I just had to have it and when I saw the opportunity, I jumped! I wear this dress in a medium.

The Dress

So the Madden dress is a Hell Bunny style that is of a 1940’s inspiration. It features a high neckline (making it great for work) button details on the collar, back zip, short sleeves, a nipped waist and flared bottoms. This is a great dress for ladies who work in an environment that doesn’t really allow low cut tops and the cut is very figure flattering on pretty much most body shapes, giving the illusion of curves and smoothing problem areas. This dress is made from 100% Polyester which means it is very light but I find easily made warm with undergarments. This dress is also available in a variety of colours as well, meaning if Navy isn’t your thing, you can still grab one in a colourway more suited to your tastes.

The Fit

Hell Bunny halters I’m a size Small in but I needed a medium for this cut of dress as the fabric has very little stretch. I’d strongly recommend checking your measurements when buying online. I found the fit comfortable to wear and not constricting. The high neckline has been great for work and when the weather is cooler I team it with shapewear, stockings, a petticoat and cardigan and its perfectly suitable but it’s also pretty fabulous on a warmer day. The sleeves are a little firm on me, but not to a point where they are uncomfortable or constricting, but this is something to be mindful of if you are larger in the upper arms.

 It isn’t too firm across the bust, though I wouldn’t suggest wearing anything padded. I love the shape this dress gives me. The cut on me is especially flattering, being quite petite in the upper body and I love how it nips and falls around my waist and hips.


I normally pair this dress with a brooch, a pair of my TUK shoes that have a 1940’s feel and sometimes a hair flower. For this shoot I opted to wear one of my new Creep Heart brooches I purchased recently. I’m wearing the ‘Moon Umbrella’ brooch ($25AU + Postage) and I can honestly say I adore this brooch. I’d actually been on the hunt for a brooch that featured an umbrella for at least 8 months and was super excited when I saw one was being included in her No Luck, Bad Luck release! The layering of the printed acrylic and clear acrylic gives such great dimension to this brooch! It’s a great piece and I’ll continue to buy these great goodies from the delightful Ella Mobbs.

Where to purchase

I found my Hell Bunny Madden Dress on ebay, which is probably the best place to find it now days as its quite an older release.
You can purchase the brooch from the Creep Heart website by clicking here!


I absolutely love this dress and purchasing it has actually birthed a deep love and interest in the 1940’s as an era. I am sure I’ll be purchasing other Hell Bunny dresses that have a 1940’s feel and I will of course be buying more amazing brooches from the lovely Ella Mobbs of Creep Heart!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and look forward to sharing more with you in the next few weeks!

Much love!

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