Wednesday 22 July 2015

Wishlist Wednesday~ Brooch Addict edition

Hello all!

Its Wednesday which means its WISHLIST time!

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a brooch junkie! I LOVE brooches! And I certainly have a vast collection that continues to grow of brands I love! Plus, I’m always on the lookout for new brooch brands I may like!

I think they are such a great way to mix up an outfit with minimal effort and cost. A different brooch on an outfit can throw a completely different look and I truly love that about them as an accessory! Also, as someone with sensitive ears, brooches are a bit of a no brainer as it reduces the risk of my ears getting sore and bleeding, which can happen with certain types of earrings!

So I thought I’d compile a little list of my current drooled over brooches that I cannot wait to add to my collection! 


This is currently my most drooled over brooch and I intend to get him this week! He's SO gorgeous!

Ever since my Lucky duck (sadly taken be foxes earlier in the year) I've been eyeing off Donovan as a tribute to the duck that thought he was a person.

The original Fleur colorway was my first ever Erstwilder but sadly I lost her. Seeing her be re-released! I need to get her in my collection again!

I loved the entire By The Sea collection from Erstwilder and already have a few pieces from it, but I really want this little fishy too!

Creep Heart

Currently my favorite Ella piece that I do not owne! God I need it! Its SO pretty!

I love the prettiness of this little brooch. She's so pretty!

I love the concept of this brooch and how Ella does her layering!

Basically I just think this little guy looks incredibly cute!

Deer Arrow

I've been a lover of Deer Arrow for quite some time now! Here are my current wishlist items!


As of yet, I don't own any Luxulite pieces, but here are a few I've been eyeing off!

Baby Blue berries Brooch ~ $30 from Coconette Oz

Hungry Designs

I always loved the imagery of Beauty and the Beast and this brooch is stunning!

I have the unicorn head and ever since getting it I've been drooling over the dinosaur versions!

Same reason as above...that and I rewatched Jurassic Park 2 the other day!

Glitter Paradise

I've come to love glitter paradise recently and have one of their brooches so far! Here are a few others I want to add to my collection!

Girdle Brooch Set ~ $27 from Vintage Pip

I hope you've enjoyed this wishlist Wednesday! 

Looking forward to bringing you another review tomorrow!

With love!

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  1. Did you see Hungry Designs are offering 40% off at the moment? I ordered this brooch yesterday :D