Tuesday 21 July 2015

House of Satin Review and some shots in the set by Lauren HorwoodPhotography

Hello all! 
Sorry it took me a while to get this up! I’ve been a busy gal! 

 So here it is, the long awaited House of Satin review! I’ll be discussing look, quality, fit, price, postage and my overall opinion of this set! As well as sharing some pictures from a recent shoot with Lauren Horwood where I wore it!

So recently House of Satin has crept up on my radar, mainly through all the lovely British babes I follow posting their goodies and I got interested. I read the review done by The Nylon Swish and Jasmine of Quirky and Curvy and thought I’d give them a try myself, especially really only just starting to build a collection of foundation garments and wanting to have a variety. 

Price & postage

 I purchased: 
  • The lace cup long line vintage styled bra in a 36B- £11.95 which is $24.87AUD 
  • Vintage style black satin control brief size M - £9.75 which is $20.29AUD 
  • Vintage style black satin suspender belt size S- £14.00 

which is $29.13AUD Totaling £61.37 which was $127.70 AUD with only £5.00/$10.40 postage! 

I felt good considering they were a whole set and I was excited for when they arrived. The prices for a set where very reasonable considering the cost of brands like What Katie Did and Kiss Me Deadly. They arrived in less than a week which I thought was quite impressive and I was excited to get to try them on! 

Fit & Quality 

The Bra

My bra was spot on with size. The 36B fit comfortably and it’s a bra I’ve worn a few times over the past two weeks of owning it. The straps are still quite stiff with adjusting but I think over time this will reduce. I do also really like the low back of this bra, as it means I can wear it with things that are a more on the lower back side. It was sewn well, on mine I found no fraying or issues with its construction. I absolutely love this bra and am very happy with the purchase! 

Suspender belt 

The sizing on this was a bit of a nightmare. My natural waist sits at 30 inches, so I bought the small which is the smallest size they offer and it felt too big. My primary suspender belt is my What Katie Did 6 Strap Harlow Suspender belt which sits up on my waist and it doesn’t move, which is how I like my suspender belts (click here for my review of that belt). 

I’ve worn this suspender belt once to work with the matching briefs and honestly feared at one point it would slip straight down my legs. I think my only saving grace was that I have a bigger bottom. It sat right on my hips instead of my waist which made it extremely uncomfortable for me to wear as well as I found it slipped around HEAPS! I tried wearing it later in the week with cotton and had more success. I think the full brief and suspender fabric are both too slippery to make them functional to wear together, unless you maybe wear the brief over the top. I will note too, since I’ve had a lot of comments, that the actual suspender clips are mental and did hold throughout the day. 


 I love the briefs and I don’t. Again, this is a sizing issue. I bought the matching waist size but they don’t list hip size. They arrived and were uncomfortably painful around my legs and my butt (see above pic). I opted for the brief after seeing the feedback from Elinor and Jasmine on the smaller briefs they purchased but definitely will need to size up if I get briefs again in future, which is a shame as the waist fit was great. The leg tightness is an issue, so much so I wore them only for my shoot two weeks ago for just over 1.5 hours and haven’t worn them since, because on the way home the sheer tightness around the tops of my thighs actually started to make me feel unwell. 

I think not having hip measurements on things like briefs is going to cause a lot of issues for ladies like myself who may have a bit more back or leg but a smaller waist. I may try these again in the next size up but am ultimately undecided. That being said, when I had them on, aside from how they sat on my thighs due to the tightness, I did like their look. 

Overall, I would buy from House of Satin again but primarily their bras suspender belts, I willing to try sizing up on the brief but I am unsure how much this would help my issue. 

I think they are a great little company that do have some very pretty things but I do believe they have some sizing issues they could be worked on to improve their customer experience as the current sizing could potentially cut them out of the market for the curvier girls. 

Considering the fact my bra size varies so much from my butt and the fact hip measurements aren’t given I probably won’t try a girdle or corslette, purely as I think the fit would be a massive issue. For ladies looking to purchase I think you REALLY need to take your body shape into account due to no hip sizes being given. If you are slender, sizing probably won’t be an issue but if you are a bit curvier with more on the thighs/butt/tummy I’d suggest sizing up on anything that’s going around your hips. 

I hope this has helped and I look forward to another review coming your way soon! 

Til tomorrow!

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