Friday, 3 July 2015

Review ~ B.A.I.T footwear Ida shoes ~ Are BAITs worth the bite?

Hello lovelies!

Here it is! The much awaited B.A.I.T footwear review!

The History
So I’ve been seeing B.A.I.T footwear around a LOT on Instagram and tumblr, primarily being worn by amazing pinup girls and it was a brand I always kind of stared at from afar. While I loved the look, having rather odd feet (just over half a size difference from one to the other) I was feeling extremely cautious of actually making  a purchase, especially without being able to physically try them on…so I watched and waited.
Earlier this year, the weather gods decided to trash every single pair of everyday shoes I owned…knowing that Kitten D’Amour started stocking B.A.I.T in their stores, I saved my dollars and took a chance! I bought my first pair of Ida’s in black and cream for $109.95. That afternoon, seeing them on the Pin Up Girl Clothing website for $54 and having a 15% off coupon code, I bought them in the hot pink too! Considering how cheaply you can buy them in America, even with postage I’ll probably end up purchasing the rest of mine from there.

The fit
I was surprised to find I was able to find a pair that fit both feet without slipping around a lot, which is rare. For example, I love my Pin Up Couture shoes but I have to pack one of them jelly inserts to make sure my smaller foot doesn’t slip around like crazy. Having half sizes was definitely a buying point for me and I purchased the 7.5. These are actually the best fitting shoe I have probably come across. There is no massive slipping, even when I do wear stockings (which now days is 99% of the time) and they stay on my feet without any issues. The only problem I do have is being a bit wide in the toes, some days I find them to be a bit too tight on my little toe, but this has lessened as I’ve broken them in, which I’ll talk about below.

The look and walk
I really like the look of the Ida’s. The colour is very true to what it looks like online and has a good vibrancy. I went with black and then pink as both are colours I wear a lot of and find they work with most of my outfits. So far in just over 3 weeks I haven’t managed to mark my Ida’s yet and that’s with almost daily wear. They are a good basic flatter shoe for everyday where which is ideal for someone like me who walks a bit on the commute to and from work. As someone who previously wore ballet flats, it did take me some time to adjust to the baby heel the Ida has. This did result in a few slightly rolled ankles in the first week but it was easy enough to adjust to. That was the only issue I found personally with walking in them and now it’s not a problem.

Things to be aware of
You WILL need to break your B.A.I.T footwear in and it will hurt your feet. I cannot stress this enough. I’d strongly recommend wearing stockings on those days to reduce blisters. My black and cream Ida’s took around a week of continual wear to break in and be comfortable, my pinks are took almost a week longer. However once they are broken in they are very comfortable to wear!

I hope this review has helped answer a lot of questions about whether the B.A.I.T’s are worth purchasing. I cannot stress enough that if you are able to try them on, do so! 
Especially being an oversea’s make of shoe!

More coming tomorrow!

Much love

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