Tuesday 7 July 2015

Morning all! Its review time again!

I’ve never owned a coat before as a pinup as the last few winters here in Aussieland haven’t actually been cold enough. But when winter set in this year it became apparent very quickly that winter this year was going to be quite cold and bitter and that I’d need to invest this year, so I began the hunt for a coat to call my own. I ended up settling on the Hell Bunny Shona Coat in black!

The Coat

I settled on the Hell Bunny Shona Coat for a few reasons. The first being that like so many other things, I’d seen it floating around and loved how beautiful it looked on actual ladies I follow on Instagram. I loved how absolutely decadent it looked and while I loved coats from Collectif like the pearl coat, I worried that my daily commute on rather rough public transport would trash the fur hemline. I wanted something glamourous but practical and I found that in the Shona. I went with Black purely for its versatility as a colour and made my purchase. The Shona is 90% polyester, 8% viscose 2% elastane and has a detachable collar and cuffs (though I haven’t been game to try yet). It has a fabric button clasp at the front as well as hidden buttons for a seamless look. This beauty also comes with pockets, which was definitely a winner for me and is flared enough that it can be easily paired with swing styles. It also comes in red and teal.

The Fit

I ordered the medium in this coat, which is my usual size for hell bunny and the fit was spot on, though it isn’t as firm in the waist as I would have preferred. The arms weren’t tight and uncomfortable either. I personally find this coat to be comfortable to wear and there has only been one occasion, when the wind was extremely fierce that I have felt chilly and that was primarily in the arm section of the coat. The fabric loop button at the front is a great feature too as often I won’t feel like completely buttoning up my coat but this fixture allows for it to be closed when wearing, which I like. The pockets are also a big winning feature for me as they make my morning commute much more comfortable. In nearly a month of consistent wear this coat is still in amazing condition and has been faring well with daily wear. The colour was a very good choice as well as I find it has worked with everything I have worn so far. I’ve found it to be warm, comfortable and easy to wear.

Where to purchase

I found my Shona coat on ebay in a UK store and paid $90AU with free shipping. I did have to wait 2 weeks for it but with a retail price of $150AU or more in Australia I was happy to wait.  If you would prefer yours now I’d suggest checking Australian retailers of Hell Bunny.


I am so beyond happy with my Shona Coat and I’m definitely happy I made the purchase. It makes me feel so amazingly fabulous when I wear it and it definitely turns heads on my commute to and from work. I can foresee me making more coat purchases in the future from Hell Bunny after this success!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and look forward to sharing more with you in the next few weeks!

Much love!

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