Tuesday 12 July 2016

Casual Retro Glamour with Miss Fortune UK

I've always had an incredible love hate relationship with winter. While I definitely prefer cooler weather to hotter weather, winter can sometimes er on being too cold. So this year, when autumn snapped in quick in the last two weeks of the season, I started hunting for some warmer weather pieces that could help me still look stylish but stay warm over winter. So when I saw the Miss Fortune Bobbie Jumper in blue, pink and white in stock at Gwynnies, I knew I needed it in my wardrobe!

Miss Fortune is a retro clothing brand hauling from the UK. The creation of UK gal Laura who started Miss Fortune in 2005 with her first physical store opening in 2008. Since then Miss Fortune has grown to be a brand that is recognised around the world and stocked as far as Australia, all the way down south. With a strong Rockabilly vibe her clothes are fun, bright and have character.

Scarf ~ Baby pink scarf from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Pink retro hoops from Luxulite
Beads ~ Blue necklace & bracelet from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Milkshake brooch from Deer Arrow
Top ~ Bobbie jumper by Miss Fortune from Gwynnies
Jeans ~ Black Lana Jeans from Freddies of Pinewood
Saddle Shoes From Royal Vintage Shoes
My bobbie jumper arrived quickly (as is normal with shopping with gwynnies) and I was so excited to see that the colours were as vibrant in the pictures and the fabric was comfortable and not scratchy. I was delighted to find it amazing on days where it was cool but not too cool for a lot of layers. It allowed for a balance of warm and cold. It is always incredibly comfortable to wear. I've worn it both with and without a top underneath and found it comfortable both ways. Its also great as a jumper on days where you want a splash of colour with your outfit and just to keep warm.

I bought the size medium, which going off the size chart was my size and it fit perfectly. The bobbie jumper does have a fair bit of stretch to it too which is something I absolutely love. The sleeves are also stretchy, which is great for gals who have issues with things being tight on their upper arms. 

The pattern is what drew me to this adorable jumper. I adore harlequin. I own multiple harlequin pieces already, but nothing that is warm enough for the cooler weather. Its such a classic 50's style and looks great with a skirt, jeans, shorts or even over a dress! The colours make this jumper incredibly versatile and fun to style and in the times I've worn it so far, I've got a lot of compliments from people. This adorable jumper also comes in other colourways, with the mustard colours high on my wishlist due to its more 1940s feel!

I bought my jumper in Australia from Australian stockist Gwynnies from $54.99AUD + postage. If you aren't in Australia you can buy direct from Miss Fortune for £37.99 + postage! If you are after a fun, versatile and warm piece this jumper is definitely one to
add to your wardrobe!

I hope you've all enjoyed this post! Expect more coming from Miss Fortune this coming month!

A big thank you to Daisy's Milk Bar for letting me pop in and take some photos at their gorgeous retro 

Til next time darlings!!

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  1. Great blog post, photos and review, I love these jumpers and I'm just about to post my blog on the same jumper but in another colour way!