Wednesday 20 July 2016

Cameo magic with Tika's Treasure

Wearing Mermaid Cameo brooch in Silver and Silver Cameo Earrings in orange pearl
Goth was my first love. In my teens I dreamed of being a Victorian gothic princess, complete with a bustle and a parasol. As a teen, the clothes I had access to meant this never eventuated and I ended up throwing myself into pinup first and its only been after I’ve embraced pinup that I’ve started having the confidence to experiment more with the alt/goth/Victorian styling I used to adore. While it’s not a style I could easily wear in the workplace, there are elements of the style that I can definitely incorporate into my pinup style that I already have. Enter the gorgeous pieces by Tika’s Treasures!

Wearing Corset Bronze Cameo Brooch
Tika’s Treasure is a new business in Australia. Based out of Sydney she makes brooches and earrings made from classical styled artworks and quirky pinups that are set in Cameo bases, which are set with a glass covering over the image. This means that these brooches are durable, instant, wearable works of art! The owner, Tika is an art lover and after not being able to find what she was after decided to make pieces herself. This hatched her own little etsy store! I simply adore the meshing of classical artworks with fun traditional pinup art!

One aspect of Tika’s Treasure that I love, is that she hand makes each item herself. That means each piece is made with a lot of love and care, something I love sharing myself as a small business owner. Also, once a design is used it isn’t used again! This is a great way to ensure your brooch is unique to you and that others aren’t going to have the same thing. Plus her range of smaller brooches that are pinups are so gorgeous! 

Can’t see a design you like in her store? Tika’s Treasure also does custom orders. She has a range of images available and is more than happy to help find a design that is just perfect for you! Her brooch backs are also available in gold, silver and bronze, which is great for ladies who have a preference. I love both of mine. I do absolutely adore how these bases can help throw a different feel to a brooch. For example, I LOVE my silver backed mermaid brooch, but I also love how my bronze based corset brooch looks. These brooches are such personal statement pieces and are truly so gorgeous. Something to keep in mind is that they are on the heavier side, due to the glass fronting. This is good as it means they aren’t come off easily, it does mean they shouldn’t be worn with later fabrics, as the pull can leave quite big holes where the pin sits. Aside from that I adore my brooches and am already planning more outfits around them!

The earrings are surprisingly light weight, allowing for comfortable wear over the day. They are beautifully crafted and add a classic touch to any outfit.  These earrings are available in bronze and silver as well as art backgrounds and the pearl tones I’m wearing. I personally do love the Pearl affect, as it changes with the angle and really makes the earrings pop against my blonde hair. 

Tika’s Treasures are also incredibly well priced! At only $10AUD for earrings and $15-20AUD for the cameo brooches! Plus postage! She is also an absolute pleasure to deal with which makes the shopping experience so much better!

I love how these brooches are letting me mesh together two styles I love and I feel that there are quite a few ladies who follow me who would love them too!

You can find her:
On Etsy

If you're after high quality cameo brooches with a fun twist, then give Tika's Treasure a look!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received these items as part of a collaboration with Tika's Treasure, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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