Tuesday 19 July 2016

Fruity fun with Miss Fortune UK

Being a pinup who works in an office, I’m forever on the hunt for work appropriate pinup clothes that I can wear to work. Blouses in pinup patterns and retro cuts are constantly high on my list as I find them to be incredibly versatile and fun, while still allowing me to have my individual flare when I’m at work. I knew straight away I’d love the Polly Blouse in pineapple print from Miss Fortune UK. The pattern is fun, the cut is cute and who doesn’t love those summery colours! 
Flowers ~ Tropical Bundle from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Brooch ~ Green Lucite Palm Tree Brooch from Glitter Paradise
Blouse ~ Polly Blouse in Pineapple from Miss Fortune UK
Skirt ~ Red Joan Skirt by Hell Bunny
Shoes ~ Lacey Heels from
Royal Vintage Shoes 

The thing I think I love most about this blouse, is how softly feminine it looks. The cut of the sleeves flatters the arms and allows for ample movement, the scoop style neckline allows for the neck and chest to be shown with a beautiful softness. I like the bow detailing as it’s not a hindrance: the ends are sewn down so they don’t move around a lot and get in the way but it’s still a pretty feature. This combined with the softer colors, makes it a perfect blouse for ladies who like a softer touch to their styling.

The Polly blouse if made of out soft X fabric and is machine washable (I prefer to wash mine on a delicate cycle) and it is incredible comfortable on the skin. As a lady who suffers from sensitive skin, this blouse is great to wear in warmer weather as the fabric is light enough it allows your skin to breath. Another feature I love of this dress is that it pulls over the head, no zip or buttons. I find for me personally, with my bigger hips shirts with zips can sometimes bunch at the bottom. This top is easy to pull on and off without the zip and it leaves it sitting nicely throughout the day.

This blouse is also incredibly versatile to style! While the collar is formal enough to wear to work, it’s also informal enough to wear with casual clothes. I’d love to experiment more with this style in the warmer months with shorts as well as trying to pair it with jeans. I feel like it would also look SUPER cute with overalls as well. I'm wearing the size medium and found it to be the perfect fit!

For this shoot I decided to style this blouse as I would wear it for work, as now days that’s where I wear 99% of my nice clothes. I love the balance of a strong colour block skirt with this blouse. I feel like it really helps lift the colours and give them life. Since the pattern is such a statement, I kept my brooch simple and went with my small green palm tree brooch from Glitter Paradise, as it ties in with the pineapples beautifully. Tropical colours in my hair flower also help this look pop! 

This gorgeous blouse retails for £35.99 which comes to around $62.00AUD depending on the day. For top this is a reasonable price and its one that I’ll personally be wearing again and again. Miss Fortune also offer a big range of different shipping options to suit all needs! Standard untracked is £5.75/$10.02AUD. International signed is £10.25/$17.86AU and International tracked is £10.25/$17.86AU for this shirt as well. Amounts may vary depending on the size of your order. Miss Fortune do ship worldwide and have a fun range of different styles in stock! The polly blouse also comes in animal print.

I hope you've all enjoyed this blog post! I loved styling this top for my photos!

Til next time darlings!

Disclaimer: Whilst I received this top as part of a collaboration with Miss Fortune UK, all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 


  1. Thanks for the lovely review! I would actually love to see this top with overalls, I hadn't even thought of that! <3

  2. That blouse absolutely rocks! Love the blend of sweetness and elegance that it telegraphs.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica