Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Disney Quirks with the Ambrosia Bowl

When you think of a Disney princess, you think of a Disney villain. There’s no way you can really separate the two. For every amazing Disney princess, there is an equally awesome dark character to be their power balance in the movie. One thing I’ve always loved about Disney is the villains. Incredibly stylish and sassy, these badies tend to have catchy songs and super stylised looks. I may have come to the Little Mermaid party late, seeing it for the first time when I was in my late teens, but Ursula has always been a stand out villain for me! So I was super excited when the Ambrosia Bowl contacted me about a little collaboration and I saw Ursula was part of her collection.

Ursula for me is the queen of sass! The way she shakes those hips, the rather…adult advice she gives Ariel on how to win her man when she can’t talk. And who doesn’t love eels for pets! I’ve always wanted one day to own a Moray Eel; I find them to be so quirky and beautiful. Despite coming from Europe, my brooch arrived a lot quicker than I expected, all wrapped in a pretty patterned bag with a lovely little note and a yummy tea bag!

The Ursula Brooch is lasercut onto wood and hand painted by Erin, the owner and creator of The Ambrosia Bowl. She is seen in one of her sassiest ever poses, looking over her shoulder at one of her eels with a tag line of ‘On the whole I’ve been a Saint’, which is one of the lyrics from her song ‘Pour Unfortunate Souls’. Ever notice how Disney gave all the sassy villains the best theme songs?

The Ursula brooch is $30AUD + postage, which is around $4.50. She ships worldwide too (prices varying depending on country and exchange rate) so anyone can enjoy a bit of quirky Disney in their lives. She also has some other fun brooches from Mulan, Aladdin and Alice in wonderland. I love her choice of quirkier and fun poses for the brooches outside of the more traditional ‘look pretty’ poses most places offer too.

You can find the Ambrosia Bowl in the following places!:

Etsy Store

If you're after quirky, fun Disney inspired brooches give the Ambrosia Bowl a go! 

Til next time darlings

 Disclaimer: Whilst I received this brooch as part of a collaboration with The Ambrosia Bowl,  all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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