Thursday 28 July 2016

Milkshake Magic with Miss Fortune UK

I feel like the art of milkshake aesthetics had really disappeared somewhat in the early 2000’s. You look at old photos of girls in diners with beautifully crafted milkshakes, colours flecking the sides, a mound of cream on top with sometimes hundreds and thousands and often a cherry. In my teens, ordering a milkshake often meant getting it still in the metal mixing cup or in the most depressing paper cups ever. But I am wholeheartedly loving the resurgence of the retro diner in Australia which is bringing back rocking milkshakes, cute décor and 50’s feels. It was in one such diner I decided to show off the gorgeous Kasual Kate shirt in gingham from Miss Fortune UK.

Scarf ~ Baby blue Scarf from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Earrings ~ Retro hoops in blue from luxulite
Beads ~ Baby blue necklace and bracelet from Debstar Designs
Brooch ~ Sundae brooch from Deer Arrow
Top ~ Kasual Kate Blouse in Gingham from Miss Fortune UK
Skirt ~ Charlotte Circle skirt in pink with box pleats from Mary Annes Boutique
Shoes ~ White Sandals by I love Billy
Miss Fortune UK is a brand I’ve featured bit on my blog this past month. The brainchild of Miss Laura, their bright retro pieces that are versatile, comfortable and above all fun are great additions for any retro girl who wants pieces they can wear different ways for create different looks. The Kasual Kate top is no exception! Since shooting for this review I’ve worn it with my Freddies jeans and loved it. It can be worn so many different ways and being pastels it’s a piece I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of!

The Kasual Kate top is a similar style to a bowling shirt. It’s got bigger sleeve openings for a comfortable fit, a white collar which contrasts beautifully against the pastel hues in the gingham and its long enough to tuck into a skirt, shorts or jeans. One feature I did love about this top is its press stud buttons make the possibilities for its wear endless  (I’m foreseeing a beach trip in my summer future!) and incredibly easy to wear, especially on those mornings when your brain hasn’t quite caught up yet and you find yourself fumbling with buttons at 7am.

The Kasual Kate blouse is designed to be worn loose and as a result the measurements are quite generous. I’m wearing the size medium which fits me perfectly. I also love that due to the loose fit of the top I can wear it with or without foundations, having worn it both with just a bullet bra as well as a corset as well. It’s fun, flattering and comfortable. Being 100% cotton too it lets your skin breath, which is a feature I love as a person with sensitive skin. It will also mean it is a good option for ladies who live in warmer climates who need their clothes to be breathable!

As a pastel lover, I do truly adore this colour way of the Kasual Kate top. There is so much I can already accessorise and match this top with in my wardrobe (totally looking forward to teaming it with my capris!) and pink and blue and my favourite pastels to work with. For this shoot I teamed it with my Mary Anne’s Boutique hot pink circle skirt! It gives the top such a 1950’s vibe that went perfectly with the pastel hues of the Daisy’s Milk Bar, where I shot for this review! I honestly cannot recommend this top enough! 

Even better though, if gingham isn’t your thing this top comes in 3 other patterns! It’s also available in a retro bowling print, cherry print and a mid-century pattern. All with the same great features, these other prints are great options for ladies who aren’t pink fans. I’m personally also loving the mid century print. I love earthy tones almost as much as I love pastels and the fabric used truly is gorgeous.

 The Kasual Kate shirt is yours for just $68.50AUD + postage, depending on the exchange rate on the day. They also offer worldwide shipping so all my readers outside of Australia can snap themselves one of these gorgeous tops too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s review! You can find Miss Fortune in the following places as well:

I’ve loved being able to collaborate with Miss Fortune UK and bring you some fun retro looks from their range! I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you all!

Til next time darlings!

 Disclaimer: Whilst I received this top as part of a collaboration with Miss Fortune Uk,  all opinions expressed are honest to help ensure the most accurate information for my readers. 

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  1. I love the color combo of that top! And I totally love that milkshakes are making a comeback. Simple ones are the most photogenic, but the donut topped milkshakes I've seen recently are just amazing!