Friday, 30 January 2015

Frisky Friday ~ Valentine Day Edition ~ Von Follies Madame X Set

The Frisky Friday segment.....

So two of my new years resolutions were the brainchild behind this series of blog posts! They were:
  1. Expanding my vintage and vintage repro lingerie/shapewear collection and start wearing them daily
  2. Be less self conscious and apologetic about my body as there is nothing wrong with it to be ashamed of.
So I've come a long way in regards to my body positivity. I have 4 vintage boudoir shoots under my belt now, I regularly post body positivity selfies on my Instagram, but there are still certain angles I don't talk about and I don't often feel overly comfortable in lingerie. So I thought I'd work to break the mold by sharing images here with my followers of lingerie I've loved and want to review for you all!

Now I'm not really a skinny girl. I have a narrow waist, a small to medium bust, petite shoulders and a big butt and legs. I do tend to hold weight on my tummy as well. I am fit and active, I try and eat the right foods but I'm still only part way through my weight loss journey. I've seen a lot of bloggers with similar figures to me online but most have a bigger bust than me, so I hope this space will help the smaller busted ladies out!

So my first Frisky Friday Review....

The Madame X Set by Dita Von Teese!

Now I actually purchased this set at the end of last year for a glamour shoot I did with Lauren Horwood (Photograph above taken by Lauren) and I wanted something outside of what I normally wore for shoots. I've always kind of covered my middle for photoshoots, as its definitely my personal problem area and I actually settled on this set by chance! Its now one I wear regularly in my personal life and considering the red and sassy cut I thought it would be a perfect start for Frisky Friday for upcoming Valentines day!

I honestly LOVE the briefs. I wear them a lot, especially under swing styles. I find the high sit more comfortable when wearing a pettiocat and just in general. The waistband, which is strappy is adjustable, which means if I'm a bit bloated I can loosen the firmness a bit and it still fits beautifully. I love the lacing on the front and around the sides. Its such a subtle sexy feature. This brief has really been a step forward for me in terms of body love, as you can see the crease of my tummy but I find in this set I don't care. I just feel amazing. Without a double my favorite briefs out of all the Dita stuff I own.

Being a smaller busted girl I opted for the wireless bra. It fits beautifully, offering enough support that I can wear it comfortably all day. I'm still learning to embrace my smaller bust, an unexpected side affect of a hospital stay in 2013. The bust detailing across the top really draws attention to the lace top and I find the wider back is comfortable for daily wear as well.

Stockings: Nude (I can't remember the brand)

As you saw in my shoot I wore the set with the suspender belt as well. I personally prefer the set's detailing without the suspender belt but it does look lovely with the set regardless. I did find the belt ran bigger than the briefs and ideally should have sized down as mine slip around a lot as they are too big in the waist band. The straps are a bit thinner than I like for my stockings but they hold stockings comfortably and the clasps are of good quality.

Overall, this is my favorite Dita Von Teese set (I own around 8 sets total) and its purely down to comfort. I love the full brief and the bra and as I embrace my smaller bust I hope to wear the bra more often in outfits. Its great for curvier girls thanks to the adjustable underwear design and for the bigger busted girls you can find the bra for this set with underwire here

Photography: Lauren Horwood
Hair: Jenna Orlando
Make Up: Katya Lonsdale

I'll leave you all with the other amazing snaps of this lingeire from my glamour shoot and I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Til Later!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose



  1. You totally look amazing and beautiful in this lingerie it!! :)

  2. You look stunning! I haven't seen Dita's lingerie in stores here in the states so I have yet to try it, but it looks great on you! I'm also a tiny bust & big behind sort of gal and seeing you working on embracing your body is super inspiring for me. I'd put more body positive shots out on the internet, but we here in the states are a little weird about the female body and I'm sure my mom would be horrified, so...

  3. Gorgeous photoshoot, gorgeous hair, gorgeous lingerie, gorgeous girl!