Sunday, 4 January 2015

Outfit of the day - Sunday 4th January 2015

Good morning everyone!

It's another absolute scorcher in Sydney today but I didn't let that stop me feeling absolutely adorable!! 

Earrings: Sparklelux
Brooch: Erstwilder
Top and skirt: Hellbunny
Shoes: Payless 

So today's outfit is literally one of my all time favorite summer outfits, especially on hot days!! It's a Hell Bunny two piece set (top is called Leena top and skirt is called the Candy Skirt) that I find perfect for hot weather or beach trips! I love the pattern on the fabric as it's so summer perfect and was so glad when I found this set on eBay! The swing skirt is ideal for summer weather, letting in a nice breeze and just generally being fabulous! The Leena top is super comfortable with an elastic back and it sits nicely on the body. The straps aren't too tight either so they don't dig in! I wore my same shoes as yesterday because they are just so comfortable and great for summer! Present me is very happy that past me bought these beauties! 

I chose bright accessories today to compliment the colours in my outfit. My purple belt is off my Pin Up Girl Clothing Lydia Dress in mermaid print. I think it throws a nice spash of colour among the pink, white and green. 

Feeling the summer vibe and being a total Erstwilder fan I naturally bought out one of my mermaid beauties today to wear with my outfit. This one is my absolute favorite brooch and I feel like against the pink she really stands out! 

My hair orchids I made myself and are available as a pair through my etsy store. Who doesn't love hair orchids! My gorgeous earrings are from Sparkelux and are my second pair. I'm wearing LimeCrime Utopia Velvetine today to match my belt and orchids!

I tried sometime different with my hair today and I am honestly loving it!! It's based on a tiki tutorial that I'll post info on next week!!! 

That's it for today, I'm off to try and keep cool in this heat but look fabulous at the same time! 

Til tomorrow

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose



  1. I love that skirt and top by Hell Bunny! Also your hair looks really beautiful!! xo

  2. I just received the same skirt in the mail today! It is absolutely gorgeous!! P.S love your hair in this!!