Sunday 25 January 2015

Outfit of the day recap ~19/1/2015 - 25/1/2015

Its Sunday! 

And my goodness what a WEEK its been in Sydney! We've been having lots of stupidly HOT and humid weather here but I did my best this week!


Was a work kind of day...

Dress: Veronica Dress in Navy with red heart by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ $112.00
Shoes: Red Cutie heels by Pin Up Couture ~ $56.00


We had a temporary break from the heat

Beret: Dangerfield
Top: Kmart (purchased in winter)
Belt: Yellow bow belt from eBay
Skirt: Jenny Skirt in Cool Toned Cabana Print ~ No Longer Made
Stockings: Myer
Shoes: TUK ~ No longer made


I was running errands...

Pants: Trousers in Fleur print by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ No Longer made


Was WAY too hot for I rocked swimmers instead


And still too hot for clothes again....totally dreaming of the beach!

Swimsuit: Polka dot bikini by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ No Longer Made


I was off to a BBQ...

Scarf: Repro Nylon in Pink
Top: Black bustier from a vintage pattern
Belt: Pink bow belt from eBay
Skirt: Jenny Skirt in Red & Chocolate Brown Harlequin ~ Review here ~ Final sale ~ $58.80
Shoes: Pink Cutie Heels by Pinup Couture


And off to the Rockabilly Big Day Out in Sydney today...

Hair Flower: Lady Rowe ~ No Longer Available
Necklace: Aryclic skull choker in green by Debstar Designs
Bracelet: Tiki Bracelet in black by Sourpuss
Top: No Name Black Bustier
Skirt: Kinky Skirt in Purple Hawaiian Print by Pin Up Girl Clothing ~ Review here ~ Final Sale ~ $50.40

So thats it for this week's overview! I'm hoping the weather cools down enough to let me dress nice 7 days in a row next week! Didn't realise how much Pin Up Girl Clothing I wore til just now!!

Til Tomorrow!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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