Friday, 23 January 2015

Wishlist Wednesday ~ 21st January 2015

Late again I know, but I am getting better at getting these done! 


Wishlist Wednesday is a BIG one this week! Sharing three different kinds of goodies I so desperately am in love with and cannot wait to add to my wardrobe!

Part 1 of my wishlist is all about dresses!

These dresses are honestly AMAZING and I can see myself gravitating back towards my childhood colour which is blue! I LIVED in blue as a kid....I remember turning 18 and doing a massive wardrobe clean out because I had a lot of stuff from when I was 12-14 that just didn't fit anymore and it was basically ALL blue. Blue tops, blue jumpers, blue jeans, blue shoes. So much blue! I moved away from blue for a long time but I can feel myself really beginning to come back to it. It comes from my love for the ocean I think...for me its such a calming colour!

The Halter Dress I fell in love with the first time I saw it. The colour is just so....perfect! I Its so bright and pretty! The cut is also divine and I know it will sit well on my wardrobe! I'm SO excited to add this to my wardrobe in the near future.

The Maria dress I love for its classic cut. I look at this dress and just find myself thinking of the stunning wardrobe from movies like 'The Help'. The floral pattern is also just incredibly beautiful and I love the sash detailing!

And lastly, who doesn't want a ballerina dress!? This dress makes me wish I could go back in time and do my year 12 formal all over again! Its SO PRETTY!! I mean, the gold and blue is honestly stunning. I could see myself in it, I'd feel like the goddess I am! Definitely need to make this one happen!

Moving onto part 2 of my wishlist!

So with Lucky the duck becoming a part of the family on my mum's farm (A peking duck that things its a person) I'm currently obsessed with ducks! I bought Donavon for a good friend for Christmas and now I want hime for myself! Reminds me SO much of lucky! For the same reason I'm in love with Martha, as Lucky will look very similar once she's fully grown! So adorable!

The Deer Arrow earrings caught my eye for the simple reasons of: pineapples that sparkle! This summer I've found a deeper love for pineapples as I've eaten quite a few in the hot weather...and they are totally adorable and I need more goodies like this in my life!

Lastly onto item 3!!

Item 1: Seashell Confetti Earrings  
Item 2: Seahorse confetti earrings 

I recently discovered this store through Instragram and I am HONESTLY in LOVE!!! So much pretty and so many great things regularly being posted to their etsy store! I am making it my mission to own some of their goodies by the end of February and honestly cannot WAIT!!

So that's all for Wishlist Wednesday this week! I have another two exciting posts lined up for you in a few minutes! 

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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