Thursday 1 January 2015

Outfit of the Day - Thursday 1st January 2015

Good morning everyone!

How exciting?! A New Year has rolled around which means it's time to start putting this blog space to use! After a very quiet and somewhat turbulent New Year's Eve (long story for another day) I'm off to road trip to Orange with my mum today to drop some things off to family and to see some family I haven't seen in forever as well!! And for such a venture I've decided that fun colours and prints were the order of the day!!

Brooch: Erst Wilder 
Belt: Hell Bunny Official
Skirt, bag and shoes: Pin Up Girl Clothing 
Sunglasses: Gloss 

So today's outfit features one of my favorite items of clothing: the Jenny skirt. I have seven different versions of this gorgeous skirt and I cannot get enough of them! They are so timeless whatever the print and always turn heads. I find the  fabric which is 97% cotton and 3% spandex is great all year round. Worn with a petticoat in winter it is toasty warm but worn with worn without in summer it's wonderfully flowy and cool, which is perfect for these hot summer days!! Plus the fun prints available mean you can wear the same item a multitude of different ways! I find the straight fabric jenny skirts to be true to size (those printed with artwork I had to size up as they ran small) and the fact I own 7 is testament to my love for this item!!

My gorgeous bustier halter top from Swell Dames Boutique is a little treasure I forgot was tucked in the back of my wardrobe and is currently a summer favorite for this year!! Being place this beauty goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. It's comfortable to wear: the placement of the straps means there isn't a lot of neck vs busy pulling. The low back and button closure allows your skin to breath. They also have them in a range of colours and I cannot wait to invest in more of these babies this year!! 

Today's accessories I chose because they complimented the print on my jenny skirt. 

My erst wilder dolphin brooch is always a hit. I love all things mermaid and ocean and these twin pair are my perfect softer pink accessory!! I purchased these from a store in Newtown but I believe you can purchase them on eBay and some other erst wilder stockers!! 

I chose a red hell bunny retro belt to break the black/pink. I also bought this belt on eBay for $14 along with the same belt in white and navy. This belt is my favorite belt. It's wide enough to not cause bulges and being elastic makes it comfortable for everyday where. Aside from  eBay I know in Australia that stores like Gwynnies also offer these belts in a variety of colours!!

<p>My other accessories I decided to wear were pink and mint! I'm never one to say no to sunglasses that have a retro feel...or well sunglasses in general and these gorgeous mint sunglasses I picked up from Gloss Accessoriss are no exception! For $8 they were an awesome buy and have become a summer favorite for me with their bright colouring and good covering over the eye! Perfect for a bright day and wanting to look fabulous. For a cheap pair these have been surprisingly sturdy! 6 months on and still going which is impressive for what I paid! 

My gorgeous baby pink heels and matching wicker bag from Pin Up Girl Clothing are two of my favorite accessories! Though when I first purchased my shoes they were quite stiff, after breaking them in and popping in some party feet/jelly inserts these are great for whatever occasion. The heel is a modest size, meaning you aren't teetering around on super pumps and the strap across the front of the foot helps to make them comfortable to walk in. The bag (which comes with a fruit clip I current have detached) is one of two wicker bags from Pin Up Girl Clothing! With a surprising amount of room it easily fits all my stuff. I will advise to just be mindful of the tightness of the screws on the gold clasp hole as with use they do loosen. 

I finished today's look with this gorgeous bow from Charlie Heart Breaker which considering it's watermelon colourings was a perfect match for today's colourful outfit!! I also chose one of my favorite Lime Crime colours of Pink Velvet for my lip to finish the look!

Well that's it for my first post of 2015 here! I am in the throws of getting a proper camera for photos so the quality will be better soon!! Thank you all for reading!!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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