Thursday 15 January 2015

Wishlist Wednesday - 14/1/2015

Hi all!

So this weeks Wishlist Wednesday revolves around a dress I am currently LUSTING after and my crusade to add better shoes to my wardrobe this year!

Bombshell Dress in Red - Tatyana Boutique

My first wishlist item is this GORGEOUS red dress that I NEED to make part of my wardrobe! I found it while scrolling through the Tatyana website the other day and its divine! Like a pencil Jessica Rabbit, who is a character I utterly ADORE! As a red lover, this needs to be added to my wardrobe!

BAIT Footwear IONE shoe - Tatyana Boutique

So one of my BIG things I want to do this year is invest in some quality flat/low heel shoes for everyday wear. While I love my heels they are just SO impracticable with how much walking I do and after reading SO many positive reviews I've decided I want to invest in some BAIT Footwear. These will be my first 3 I intend to purchase and I am SO excited!!

One more post listing the reviews I'll be doing over the weekend coming up and then thats it for me tonight! Hope you guys are enjoying my page so far!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose

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