Saturday 3 January 2015

Outfit of the day - Saturday 3rd January 2015

Greetings from Sydney Australia!

Boy oh boy is it a SCORCHER today here in Aussieland and quite frankly the fact I currently don't have a car is the only reason I'm not at the beach today! It's incredibly hot both inside and out and hardly feels like the weather to be wearing much at all! So today was all about staying cool and possibly wishing I was at the beach instead of hiding in the semi cool of home. 

Hat and top: Kmart 
Sunglasses: Kiss brand
Wedges: Payless shoes

So I wore this outfit last week but it's back again because it's so weather appropriate! I picked up two of these super comfortable crop tops from Kmart before Christmas and they have literally been my go to's on hot days like today because in white and black I can pair them with any shorts or skirts in my wardrobe! And for $8 they're a total steal!! Wearing my black hat as well because I'll be in and out as I do washing and want to keep the sun off my face! Teamed with my sunnies (can be found here) I'm ready to keep the sun at bay!

The Hell Bunny Dolly Deckhand shorts are adorable and it's my mission before next summer to also get them in navy. They have a firm waist but are loose in the body which is ideal for hot weather. Plus the cute sailor design is to die for. They feature a side zip and button as well which means they sit beautifully across the butt and tummy.

My shoes are a pair I forgot I had that are honestly the most comfortable pair of wedges ever!! They are cushioned and super comfy as well as being perfect for these hot summer days atm!! 

Not really wearing any makeup today as it's too hot. Just some light eyebrow filling, mascara and a pink lipstick! I washed my hair yesterday so am giving it a day before I do a set because it never holds on the first day after washing!

Hopefully to tomorrow is a cooler day which will mean my hair will hold a set and I can wear makeup :)

Have a great day everyone!!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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