Saturday, 10 January 2015

Outfit of the day - Saturday 10th January 2015

Good afternoon all!

It's another humid day here in Sydney land which means another hot day! But regardless I am totally in love with my outfit today and cannot wait to wear it again!!  

Scarf: repro nylon 
Necklace: Debstar designs 
Belt: eBay bow belt in pink
Shoes: bordello 

So some days I like to dabble more on the rockabilly side! This is an outfit I threw together on a whim because I wanted something fun, stylish and cool (as in temp cool!)

The Deadly Dames halter top is honestly one of my favorite pieces! I managed to score it on eBay last year and it's been a much loved edition ever since!! The cut and fit are perfect and I love the detailing on the halter strap! The skull brooch can clip off so you can wear it without as well. The dots make it nice and playful too I find while still being edgy. 

The Rock Steady thrills skirt is also a favorite of mine and I honestly want more of their stuff! It's amazing! The cut is so nice, the colour so bright and the fit is incredible! I opted for a pink belt to throw in a spash of colour! My shoes are my white bordellos, they make me think of barbie which I thought was perfect for today's look! 

Accessories today are by Debstar designs! Both my black clip on earrings and skull necklace are by deb and they are amazing! I have 3 of these necklaces! 

Too hot for foundation today so just wearing brows, eyes and lips. I'm wearing pink velvet by limecrime today to match my belt! Again, this makes me think of barbie a lot. It's such a punchy pink!

That's all for today! 

Catch you all tomorrow!!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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