Monday, 12 January 2015

Outfit of the day - Monday 12th January 2015

Good afternoon all!

It's a bit of an odd weather day here in Sydney and very windy too so it was time to break out my capris and feel adorable without the risk of the works seeing by underwear!! 

Sunglasses: Savage Sunglasses
Top: Miss Pinup Australia 
Pants & belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Socks: Cotton on body
Shoes: Pinup Couture 

I went for something comfortable but cute today! I picked up this shirt at the Miss Pinup Australia grand final last year and I love wearing it with pants! It's so comfortable and is great for everyday wear!

Today I teamed it with my black deadly dame capris in black. These capris are honestly incredible and I adore them so much! They honestly go with everything, the stretch makes them great for everyday wear and the belt cinches the waist in. They also feature a back zip which leaves you flat at the front! 

Shoes today are a pair I always forget I have!! Wearing them today with super cute bobby socks for a little bit more of a Grease feel! 

My hair bow today is from the amazing Charlie Heart Breaker and it's my favorite of all the bows I own!! It features hundreds and thousands fabric!! How awesome is that! 

Lipstick today is lime crimes pink velvet because pink seeks to be the colour of the day!! 

Modcloth Monday coming up later with some exciting news as well so stay tuned!! 

Til later!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose

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