Tuesday 6 January 2015

Modcloth Monday!

So I know this is a day late but I got completely sidetracked yesterday so didn't do it! Ops!

Considering work is on my mind atm I let that flow through my Modcloth Monday post with an adorable little work outfit I would totally wear!

So my first choice for Modcloth Monday was this gorgeous Luck Be a Lady Plaid Dress. It screams office chic to me. I love plaid though I don't really wear it a lot and would love to add some to my wardrobe! Plus being primarily cotton it would be a great year round dress! 

I love these little flat shoes! Part of my new years wardrobe goals was to buy more shoes good quality pinup shoes and pairs like this Candy Apple Flat by BAIT are definitely on my list! I need some good pinup style flats in my life. I've heard SO many amazing things about BAIT footwear and I cannot wait to add them to my wardrobe. 

I paired the Loveliness Unlocked bag with it because I thought the throw of maroon against the green/black/cream was really nice and wasn't so big it took away from the dress. I thought the key was a nice touch!

I fell in love with this little dino necklace  as I flicked through the jewelry section. I've always been a dinosaur lover and I felt like this little gold beauty just finished it all off nicely!

So that's my first Modcloth Monday! Looking forward to sharing more with you all next week!

Til tomorrow!

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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