Friday, 9 January 2015

Wishlist Wednesday - Tiki lover!

So I'm sorry this is a two days late! I've been a busy bee this week!

So my wishlist for this week is this GORGEOUS outfit all from Pin Up Girl Clothing! As those close to me know I am a HUGE fan of the tiki look. I was devastated that their tiki capsule released during my 6 month clothing buy ban! But once I have the funds this outfit will be mine!

I mean seriously....that dress! Its perfect! I adore greens, blues and turquoise/aqua and this dress had me swooning! I mean, its perfect! And being summer and SO hot what better way to stay cool and look fabulous! The heels are amazing and would go with 99% of my wardrobe and I totally do need another wicker bag (I already have 2) and Mermaid earrings are always a win!

Looking forward to next week's list! Especially now I'm looking more online these days :)

Missi aka Miss Osiria Rose


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